Today is #InternetSlowdown Day


One big question: do I have to be an American citizen for my signature to matter?

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Right now I’ve barely noticed it. Which sites are participating?

Unfortunately, even being an American might not be enough.

It’s all a great protest idea, although I have barely seen it in action anywhere.

Couldn’t it be on the main page of Boing Boing? Is it not important enough to be willing to risk the views?

Even Reddit just has it in a post, not on the main page. I haven’t yet seen a single site with the slowdown simulation on the front page.

Pedantic question:

If you was to use the subjunctive correctly, would it help?

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I haven’t noticed anything noticeably slower. I do, however, think the concept is brilliant. If only it had more press such as news that it was coming in the future and what day it would be on etc.

An analogy of net neutrality could be made with the game of Monopoly in that the game displays an unsustainable system that eventually plays all the other players off the board. A paid privileged fast lane on the internet would be like getting hotels on boardwalk and park place.

Unlike monopoly sometimes the information you need comes from someone with no money.

I’m probably stating the obvious here, but the information that gets “fast tracked” isn’t likely to be intelligent and useful if it goes to the highest bidder.

Agreed. It’s hard to get behind it when even BoingBoing doesn’t want to risk their own homepage.


The only place I’ve seen it done prominently so far was on the EFF site. Kind of a bummer really.

No one seems to have heard of this in Japan.

When you have DSL, every day is #ISD.

Reading this 2 days late. And guess what? I did not notice that the internet was slow.

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