John Oliver's amazing new Net Neutrality video crashed the FCC's website

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It seems it takes an Englishman to show the USA how to get things done. And yes I know he has immigrated to the Murica.


Cometh for an hour? Where can I order that stuff?

“This video is not available.”


I just tried it. The site loads, but is clearly constructed for maximum obscuration and impedence, and is mostly intended for submissions from law firms.

You have to click the “Express” link to the right of the title of the issue (“17-108 Restoring Internet Freedom”), and once on the resulting “Express Comment” page you have to enter the issue number (which you have to remember; again, it’s 17-108) and your personal information and comment.

Unfortunately, the form is broken, at least for me (Chrome browser, Windows 10): “State” is a required field, but cannot be typed in, there’s only a pulldown menu, and the only option in the pulldown menu is “* Required”, so you can’t complete the form.

Obviously, it would be nice not to suspect this defect in the page’s function was deliberate.


I went to the site knowing ahead of time that it would be down. A natural DDOS is itself a form of protest. I’ll check back later to see if it’s up and try to submit a complaint.

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I already have the copyright tee wearing inside out does not help though

Site/Form seemed to work fine using Firefox.

I just got through. Here’s hoping we can get our government to function correctly on this front.

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I don’t think it’s being English that makes the difference, it’s just that he has a large audience.

Can you imagine the impact if the Karashian’s or Beyonce took up the cause?

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At the risk of sounding like a real Debbie Downer, at this point I think you can win the battle, but you can’t win the war…

Yes, you CAN type in the “State” field; it auto-populates with the matching state.

That’s exactly what they want you to think, silly.


‘… because of my country’ apparently.

Well, seems fair, in general. :wink:

But if anyone can save me some trouble and point to a link that does not consider the UK to be beyond the pale…

I don’t know why you’d think I didn’t try to type in it, repeatedly.

Edited to add: since my earlier comment the form appears now to be working: you no longer have to remember the code number once you’re on the comment form, and the “State” box is no longer nonfunctional.


is clearly constructed for maximum obscuration and impedence

See, America can still learn stuff from the Canadian government.

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the site he makes up - the related to a nazi one. It redirects to the FCC complaint page.

I managed to submit.

Along with stating they should maintain NN as Title 2 I suggested the Chair Recuse himself as his history suggested a conflict of interest.

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What would the conflict of interest be?

I think he’s biased and not able to think about the issue objectively, but I’m not aware of any conflicts of interest.

Does he still have interest in verizon, or own stock, or have retirement funds or other differed income or options? Or does he simply have friends and past colleagues in the industry that can benefit from these rule changes, and offer him pro quid pro in the future?


Gawd! For an agency with the word ‘communications’ in its title…

Just wrote to FCC and my state delegation.