European Commission resurrects an unkillable stupid: the link tax

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Since 2013 Germany has a similar law. So far the media was not able to use this special interest thingy successful and profitable (never heard of this site, coverage in English seems to be scarce).


its like saying you can’t read the title of a book until you buy it.

hopefully you pick up the right book

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I feel like the main thing this would do is shift link-baiting from article headlines directly into the URLs themselves.

Eh, don’t blame the commission as a whole. Öttinger is just a well-known giant assnoodle.

So I haven’t read the article, but it would be a tax on those linked to, since the links are driving visitors and revenue to their sites, right?


I can never decide if the European Commission functions as a sort of retirement home for politicians too stupid, senile, or uncharismatic for remotely democratic job markets in their home countries; or whether it’s some sort of euro-skeptic sleeper cell that has infiltrated the EU in order to discredit it.

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i would like to see a tax on…@
and on stupidity/mendacity…

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