The EU's Link Tax will be voted on in TWO DAYS: if passed, you won't be able to link to the news except on Big Tech's licensed platforms

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There is not enough rope in the world


The content providers are under NO obligation to serve the request for document that a link consists of. But they want to outsource the collection of money from readers to somebody else. This is SO made of wrong.
edited to add. We can argue with whether paywalls make business sense, but that is the content provider’s choice to make. This, however, is having the government force others to maintain a paywall for you. There is simply no reasonable justification for it.


Email your MEPs:

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For some reason I’m reminded of the time that EU ruled that DV camcorders would only be allowed to record from the lens (and not allow video input not by other means) [I’ll admit I’m half recalling what I was told more than 12 years ago].

What’s amazing is that all this shit that the EU pulls is done simply out of spite that Google etc. aren’t theirs. It’s simply the result of a global power coming second in the race to the internet.

I assume the US would be pulling the same shit if Google and Facebook were European.

Where do these news sites get their information and are they paying fairly for it, or are they just taking it and republishing it?

I’ll repeat my rule about EU directives.

If you can’t link to it on then it doesn’t exist.

This is the relevant link for this article, for example

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