Europol warns us not top be suckered into serving as "money mules"

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They’re talking about opening Wells Fargo checking accounts, right? Or is it securitized mortgages, it’s mortagages, right? In either case, a day late and a dollar short “Europol”

ETA: oh wait, never mind, you said the person involved actually gets some kind of benefit from the scheme. my bad.


isnt this every Nigerian scam letter?

My uncle the prince needs to transfer one million dollars -----



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I wonder what they’re charged with? Money laundering, I guess, on a micro scale? I would bet they’re only arrested to get to the guys at the top.

illegal emigrants

Since the Berlin Wall came down, is there anywhere it’s illegal to emigrate? North Korea, I suppose.

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Maria, full of cash.

Yeah, that’s the trouble, right? How do these people know they’re laundering money if they’ve been led to believe that these transfers are part of a business?

This sounds unethical to me.

Police? Unethical? Impossible!

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Typically, ignorance of a crime is not a defense. It may be a mitigating circumstance, but still.

the poors are supposed to be money noseeums, not mules…

soooo…they busted a bunch of small time mules, meanwhile the rich and corporations listed in the panama and paradise papers and guilty of exponentially greater crimes, walk free. equal justice for all, i think not… sighs

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