Evaporative cooling bandanas really work

Standard low-tech Australian food chiller:

We tend to use the personal evaporative cooling trick at work in summer, but we don’t bother with fancy crystals or the like.

Just soak a handkerchief or scrap of rag and drape it around your neck. Re-dampen from your water bottle or a nearby creek when appropriate.


We had an evaporative cooling vest for our elderly dog, it really helped keep her cool on summer pee walks in the park. A lot of conversations with nosy strangers started with them scolding us for putting a “sweater” on our dog, and ended in either grumbly disbelief or wonderment…


(Putting people in trouser-drenching situations since 1961)

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This was also my assumption, from the headline. Because they do.

My second point: All country sports in the World State require the use of elaborate apparatus. As a result, the lower castes now pay for both transportation and manufactured goods when they travel to the country for sporting events.


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