Sick of cold lube from a tube? Consider a hot lube autodispenser!


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I’ll wait until it’s on the BoingBoing store … to mock it.


Is there a bigger version? I have a lot of area.


I definitely need a larger version to accommodate my lube supply.


I like how the negative space perfectly conforms to the profile of an extremely swollen foot or duck face.


The the comments section of the “flushable wipes” post has me thinking one could/should invent a lube bidet…


The Flushable Wipes was the name of my Ska band. I was the brass section. We weren’t a very big ska band.


We know someone who was working on one of these… but hers was going to be smart-phone enabled.


I assume the lube comes in DRMed pods?


Funny you should mention flushable wipes, because my first thought was that a diaper wipe warmer would be a much cheaper option:


Is the temperature adjustable? Can it be made, say, scalding?


need one with butter for toast and popcorn - and one with hot chocolate syrup for over ice cream - or, yeah, either of those on your bits, go on


came here for the 50 gallon drum of lube reference. i am not disappointed.


for who knows what.

Oh, I think you know.


#hot lube autodispenser


Almost but this still counts!

My new band name.



Ahh ha ha! (Perfect)


Just when you think you’ve seen the most unnecessary products for people to needlessly waste money on, they come up with shit like this.

Never mind that the idea of ‘hot’ combined with “lubricant” sounds like an embarrassing accident just waiting to happen.



Cold lube is not my biggest complaint. No.


Now that I checked their 510k, I do…

Indications for Use: The Pulse™ H2Oh! personal lubricant is intended for vaginal and/or penile application to moisturize and lubricate, enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity, and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. This personal lubricant is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. This product is not compatible with polyurethane condoms