Oregon's domestic terrorists just got 55 gal of lube to go with all those dildos


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I just wanted to maintain my bicycle

They don’t deserve lube.


those were some very nice forests the Trump dildo was running through… and he sure was in a hurry to get somewhere.


I approve of this. Would love to see their reaction when they realize what the giant barrel contains.


These clowns have had their 15 minutes; send in Janet Reno.


Send them gay porn a lot of gay porn.


This is great, but why is the USPS still delivering them mail?


USPS won’t deliver that. It far exceeds their weight limits. This will come on a truck with a lift gate.

If this is delivered while the militia dudes are still there, they’ll just scratch their heads, agree that people are stupid, and forget about it. The audience for this sort-of-prank is the internet. Eventually, it will fall to some poor Bureau of Land Management employee to figure out how to properly dispose of it.


Oh, I don’t know. They may be hungry for other things besides food.


Or a Slip 'n Slide and a big funnel?


Ben Kuchera tweeted this:
“The militia folks left, what do we do with this?” Super horny ornithologists: “Well…”


I’m not sure it’s being delivered directly to the refuge. This amusingly frustrated gentleman appears to be speaking from the kitchen of a private residence.


Or worse – the militants will just dump the stuff into the refuge.


As far as i know things are not being delivered directly to the building. From what i recall the posted address they’re requesting things to be sent is a PO Box.

I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Just because they don’t respect SOME laws doesn’t mean that they’re going to dump a 55-gallon drum of lubricant into a nature reserve.

That’s just a slippery slope argument.


So they can go into town to pick up their mail? And yet they’re begging for food to be sent to them? Can’t they just, you know, buy food?


What you did there I sees it.


Haven’t these guys ever heard of a go fund me?


Commence with the man on man love’un.


No one is accusing them of being smart