Oregon militiaman arrested after stealing wildlife reserve vehicle to go shopping


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Do the crime, do the time.


Not if the Federal Government is afraid of what RedState might say. I predict a stern warning and suspended sentence.




I can see how raiding the place may not be worth it, but I don’t get why they don’t besiege it properly.


If he was Black or Hispanic he’d be dead.


I was wondering about that. Is there some constitutional right to receive water, power and mail that somehow trumps the illegal occupation? Can’t they just turn everything off and starve them out?




If the truck belongs to his employees, why would he need their authorization to use it? Doesn’t any government do what they are told, instead of trying to order the citizens about?

If this was a real crime, I would already be spending my life in prison just from all the tanks and personnel carriers I’ve borrowed.

The PRAXIS of property
The PRAXIS of property
The PRAXIS of property

For the love of all that’s holy, please post a pic of a tank you’ve borrowed. I’ve borrowed… Big diesel powered things, but never military. We need pics, damnit!! :slight_smile:


I always love this line of thought those people always seem to follow. “This belongs to the people of the US. I’m one of those people, so that means I should be able to do whatever I want with it regardless of what the rest of those people think, right?”

I once had this same argument with someone about a pavilion on public land that could be (and had been) reserved in advance for a fee. Even with a posted sign of “for reservations, contact…” right in front of him, he just couldn’t believe that he didn’t have the right to take the place over for himself whenever he wanted.


I didn’t have a “digital convergence device” to record it with in those days! But I wish I did have some photos.

Scheduling isn’t the same argument. Feds will tend to complain that there is never a good time for you to use the vehicle - even if it sits unused for twenty years. Not unlike the pavilion of your example, the shite town where I live has a nice bandstand, but they don’t really let townspeople schedule use of it unless they happen to like them and the content of their event. Obscure notions of exclusivity aren’t the same as practical scheduling of use.

Government exist to facilitate the public, not to control them. Damn straight I have “reservations”!

The PRAXIS of property

They way they go through snacks they’d be home by bedtime, just shut the underground snack railroad down.


Medenbach is singing like a canary for some cheetos and a slim jim. Bet on it.


Yes, the article did not emphasize whether there was a firearm on his person or in the vehicle when he was detained.

If he was black or Latino, it feels like he could have been 40 yards from the truck and standing next to a sign with a foot long Subway sandwich ad printed on it and still been blown up with RPGs.


I attended a wedding on one such pavilion on a public beach, most of the beach-goers were more than happy to move aside for the 30 minute ceremony, but some just plunked themselves down in the folding chairs we were setting up for the wedding. The chairs being NOT public property, there were some terse words about those butts in seats. All in all most people were lovely, but there’s always one asshole isn’t there?


I didn’t know being employed by someone means they can take off with my ride whenever they want. I’m just lucky I’ve never had a boss who wanted to…I hope employer’s rights don’t also extend into commandeering my home.


Shit my boss has a lovely BMW… can I borrow that? Or am I limited to the vehicles our institution has on lot? This is confusing…


OTOH, I’ve worked for places where having a company car means your employees can take your car whenever they need to for work uses.

Always good to borrow the boss’ car.