Oregon domestic terrorists now destroying public property in earnest


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So does this mean those records are stored locally? If they were on a server (trivial in this day and age),access could be withdrawn, accounts cancelled, etc.


Filing cabinets is my assumption. That and whatever excel workbooks were open on the computer desktops.


These Hillbillies would crap in their pants and set fire to their hair to get a 5 minute spot on the news.


I can’t understand why the haven’t been put in jail yet.


Godamn. Just when it seemed these fuckers couldn’t be any more offensive and ridiculous, they start destroying culturally significant sites and artifacts from the people they’re claiming to support? What are the bloody cops/FBI/whoever waiting for?


I think it’s time to give these folks what they want. A sweet, violent martyrdom.


"This is disgusting, ghoulish behavior.”

The new patriot is a traitor, which is the pretzel logic pumping out of Reich Wingers & Fox News Comedy Channel 24/7.


Unfortunately, that might cause irreparable damage to the resources that the refuge was designed to protect…


I don’t get it, what is even the point of paving a new road? Are they bored?


I don’t think it would hurt the refuge; what I worry about is if we give them the martyrdom they’re begging for, it would be another Waco. It’s definitely a double-edged sword. I’d like to see these guys locked up where they belong, but I don’t think these guys want to see that and I think that’s why the feds are so hesitant to do anything.


I honestly think this is where an mrap might be useful. Drive it into the middle of their compound, and let them use up all their ammo. Then county sheriff’s arrest them.

God this whole thing is fecking stupid.


these individuals are clearly into the idea of repurposing the land for their own use, treating the place as if it was their own property. What’s normal behavior on a private ranch will soon become normal behavior on the occupied property. Road building. Irrigation canals. “controlled burns” oil drilling. ranching crap.


Are these yokels attempting to demonstrate some type of adverse possession? Oh wait, that requires law, which they do not recognize. Gee, a real conundrum here.


The OP’d [Guardian article reported] (http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/16/oregon-militias-behavior-increasingly-brazen-as-public-property-destroyed?CMP=edit_2221) that LaVoy “…Finicum and Ryan Bundy, Ammon’s brother, recently left the refuge and drove out of Oregon and were then able to return to the occupation without facing any contact with law enforcement …”

Permitting armed criminal conspirators to leave and return seems reckless even if there’s reason for concern that relatively minor criminal charges would carry some sort of disproportionate risk.

Is law enforcement surveilling the occupiers? Did the FBI discretely communicate about federal policy on Rule 35 “substantial assistance” plea deals with Ryan Bundy while Bundy was away from the other conspirators? :smiley_cat:


Why is nobody doing anything at all about this? Are these guys honorary cops now or something? This goes way beyond the infuriating but expected explanation of “they’re not black or Muslim” at this point. Why is Bundy allowed to come and go freely?


And also, why aren’t reporters asking authorities these questions?

I’m not watching the corporate news handling of this whole fiasco – are any federal, state or local authorities being interviewed? Are they being asked to explain why, despite the increasingly brazen lawbreaking of this group, next to nothing is being done to put an end to it all? And what IS the plan, if any, for ending it?


Someone pointed out they were knee deep in Big Muddy, and they missed the point entirely?


I remember hearing this story on the radio (there is also text, if you don’t feel like listening to it):

Seems like law enforcement is still working the wait-them-out angle, and they don’t want to tell the media anything. I assume there’s also a secret element-of-surprise angle, and we’ll find out what the plan is when it happens, but this is getting more ridiculous by the day. As long as these jackwagons get to come and go, resupply, hold daily press conferences, and tear up whatever they feel like tearing up, why would they leave? They’re having a ball.