Treasonous Bundy-led militia prepare to open kangaroo court


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Go Home Malheur: pledging money to causes that #yallqaeda hate

How is this still going on?


" …they have commit treason."




Like… this is all very familiar to me as I’m currently reading Under the Dome by Stephen King.
And 5 days in, they’re about to have public executions… I always thought the timeline in the book was a bit fast, that Mr. Kings take on how fast society would fall apart if under duress was a little pessimistic… and it seems maybe he was, a little, but only a little it seems.


He committed a murder. He has commit murder.

Beyond this I don’t care. Stay on topic.


After 11 days…

“No snacks & no mercy” is the name of their after school TV movie.


This is Boing Boing. The correct form would be:

Can haz commit treason.


All your refuge are belong to us!


Pretending the protesters were a legitimate sovereign entity, there are major ex post facto issues here, namely, an utter lack of written statutes prior to their little tantrum and occupation. Not that this will matter to them in the least.



When I read today that they had harassed some locals (tires slashed, arguing with or proselytizing to people on the street, parking outside the sheriff’s house, etc.) I thought “this should just be ended now”, but something about this kangaroo-court idea makes me think “OK, good, show the world how you guys are trying to make your own rules and laws, and see how the country feels about that.” The longer this goes on the more they look like a bunch of self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing dicks, and when the Feds finally decide to surround them and starve them out, only the the most conspiracy-minded will shed a tear.


Nonsense. The Real True Constitution has(although widely ignored by liberals and the 14th amendment) been in continuous effect since Jesus helped George Washington write it!


In a tricorn hat?


With thorns integrated; but yes.


Oh well, that’s just fine then.


As long as we’re (off-topically) noting errors, “self-proclaimed U.S. Superior Court Judge Bruce Doucette” should p’bly be changed to “Tribunus Plebis Bruce Douchette.”


These assholes have to be the most inept attention whores of the new Millenium. They can’t even do the requisite batshit grandstanding effectively.


…and just because I am tired of hearing “Oregon militia men”, a) not from Oregon, Bunt-cake and the cupcakes are from AZ, the locals for the most part want them gone.

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I hope this gets enforced.