Armed domestic terrorists take over federal building, but it's OK, they're white


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Seems like the easiest solution would be to shut off power and water to the building, and close it off around it so no one can go in or out.

Then wait a week or two.


So if they’re prepared to be there long term, let them. Let’s see how they feel about one year in the Malheur Pennitentiary, for example. Maybe we let them have water.





They did bring in their own generator, so they’re apparently expecting something like that.


Also: #whitecastle


#YallQuaeda” about covers it.


Yes, I saw that. They still need fuel for the generator at some point, so it may take a bit longer than a week or two. There will be some pretty funky smelling protestors by the time the standoff ends.


Armed domestic terrorists take over federal building,


but it’s OK, they’re white

ermagehrd – they’re the WORST, and they never shut up about it.


America really is a caste society; the high castes can do no wrong, and the low castes can do no right… at least, in the eyes of the enforcement caste…


IT isn’t Cliven Bundy leading this mess, it’s his two sons.


Stop calling them terrorists. According to CNN they are armed protesters. They’re just protesting.


Impossible! What kind of ‘protest’ can it be if it doesn’t attract at least one MRAP?


Oh thank goodness. For a moment there I thought I saw a 12-year-old black kid.


Yep - Armed terrorists.

Surround the place and protect the neighbors. Cut off the electricity, cell service, phone, Internet & water.
The toilets will get nasty soon enough.

Play Pat Boone at them over the loudspeakers 24/7 until they beg to be allowed to turn themselves in. The same damn song.

Make them stay there longer in the sewage anyway. At least a month.

Then, after processing, make them go back and clean up their mess - no showers till you’re done.


Hey, we’re just using the US Government’s own definition of terrorism. If they didn’t want it applied to people like them, they shouldn’t have written it so broadly (maybe included a “melanin threshold” clause).


So…when Russian speakers in the Donbass decide they would like their pensions and health service back and start a separatist movement, this is obviously action by the Russian government. When a group of white ranchers in Oregon announce that they are starting a separatist movement, which unfriendly government does the US have to blame?

Well, at least the US is consistent. It is opposed to armed rebels in the Donbass. It is opposed to armed rebels in Oregon. It is opposed to armed rebels in Syria…oops, what was I saying? It supports the freedom fighters in Syria in their fight against the Government.


Domestic Terrorists: They want to take away our guns!

Yes. Yes, we do.


Well, to be fair, if they took over a mall like Black Lives, I’m sure the cops would at least ask them to leave. Politely, at a distance. You get a different response if you mess with almighty commerce (and a very different response if you’re not white, of course).

I think this lack of reaction is because there’s a real effort to avoid replicating Waco or Ruby Ridge, in the same way, I was reading, that the IRS is basically not enforcing tax codes to avoid repeating the fallout from over-examining the tax returns for Tea Party groups. Weirdly this desire not to re-offend only applies to white conservative groups. When it comes everyone else, the government is willing to make/allow the police to make the same fatal mistakes over and over and over again…

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Just like their father’s told me when I was protesting Vietnam war, “love it or leave it”