Ammon Bundy and 6 followers found not guilty of conspiracy in Malheur Oregon Wildlife Refuge takeover


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Jesus. You just know this will be used to spin up a whole new generation of sovereign citizen bullshit.


What the ever loving fuck, White Male Supremacy.



@falcor would you please bring over the posts from the wrath thread




Is there a level of personal selfishness past which one cannot be considered to truly act in coordination with any other person, and therefore nullifying the possibility of conspiracy? Apparently so.

I heard a member of the Paiute nation on the radio today, he did make the point that if he had done that with his friends the story would likely have been much different. And I don’t think that’s because it would be a treaty violation.


Maybe this was done to alleviate some of the anticipated unrest when Trump is soundly defeated next month? Throw them a dildo and lube, so to speak?


100% fucked up.


Or maybe the government’s case was weak. If you’re going to charge people with conspiracy, you better have evidence that there was an actual conspiracy.

Frankly, they didn’t seem all that well prepared. You’d think that if you are conspiring with a bunch of comrades to occupy some land, part of that would include having things you are going to need.


'Twas all in good fun.



What the everloving fuck?!


Huh. Obama can’t even create an over bearing, oppressive government that incites a civil war. Jesus H. Christ, talk about worthless.

Maybe Hillary will be the tyrant we are all hoping for.


Not guilty by reason of incompetence?


Are they going to be prosecuted for the damages done to government property?


Meanwhile, Native Americans in the Dakotas can stick it where the sun don’t shine.


I anticipate it may have the opposite effect.


Shouldn’t they at least get charged with littering?


Next time this happens, there will be a carefully choreographed and exhaustively documented attempt to have the displaced federal employees walk into the facility and attempt to do their jobs during the occupation I guess.

Or they’ll just charge everybody with trespassing and hire more security guards.