Yallqaeda Acquitted


Well, that sucks.

Ammon Bundy and 6 followers found not guilty of conspiracy in Malheur Oregon Wildlife Refuge takeover

aw, shit.

I predict many more insurrections come 2017.


Finally! A white man gets a break!

Edit to add proper celebration…


– insert every “oh for FUCK’s sake” gif in Google Image Search here –


Fucking fuckity white people.



Here’s one reason to (possibly maybe) look forward to 2017:

The second — and far higher-stakes federal prosecution — is scheduled to get under way in February [2017] in Nevada, when Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, their father Cliven Bundy and 15 defendants face conspiracy, assault, weapons and other charges that could result in decades of prison time.


Yeah this is what I fear from the freeper/teaparty/alexjoneslistening set after Hillary wins.


Oh hey in the fine print this is just the initial trial, they still have to face up for the Nevada charges.

eta @Snowlark beat me to it


No worries here. It’s a point worth repeating.


I guess technically it’s not a “conspiracy” if it’s not done in secret?

But seriously if these guys get off scott free while the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are imprisoned for trying to protect their own land then goddamn this country and its racist court system to hell.


Ok, so can the parties who suffered due to Yallqaeda’s occupation sue the bejeesus out of them in civil court? I’m thinking of the park workers who likely lost wages due to the occupation. Weren’t there also Native American items damaged or destroyed? The tribes could sue as well.


If there’s one thing the Feds like to do, it’s make an example of people. I’m pretty okay with that in this case.

(ETA: Just read through the results of this trial though. Not promising. WTF?)


Oh great, let’s encourage these fuckwits. That’ll end well.


So, does this mean Trunkers are going to revolt legally?


jury deliberations that included a rare replacement of a juror accused of bias

The one guy who was like “uh, they are obviously guilty.”


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