Ammon Bundy Arrested


Not before time.


What image to post… What image to post…

Ah, yes.


Woo Hoo!


(Though I sincerely noone was hurt beyond bruised egos)


Fuck YOOOOOOOOU Amon Bundy. Got what was coming to ya!


“We are ending our occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge,” Ammon Bundy said in a prepared statement. “The Oregon Militia is now preparing to seize and occupy federal land in Leavenworth, Kansas.”


A national day of gloating should be declared.


Shots fired.



Finally the “long arm of the law” finally decided to get it’s ass off the fence and do something.


Two injured (according to a not all that reliable source), few details yet. Given the veiled threats of shooting law enforcement (as “self-defense”, naturally), and the claims of some that they’d never be taken alive, could have been much worse.


I’d like to say it’s a miracle no one died but then I remembered the Oregon militia is white.


The creeps holding the wildlife refuge hostage arrested, the PP fake video people convicted of felonies, and Trump not in the next debate. This is quite a week.


Well that is gonna be the best news of the week. Hope they can go get the rest of the bunch as easily.


I can’t say that I’m happy that anyone died.

But, next to zero, one is the next best option.



Pretty fucking stupid thing to get killed over.


Update: One militant is confirmed dead.


Oh why now…


I liked you comment, but for likes tax purposes, I’m going to have to ask you to narrow down what “pretty fucking stupid thing” you are referring to

  • seizing public land
  • swiping dongs off a table
  • throwing dildos
  • requesting snacks
  • being wannabe preppers
  • paving a road
  • fishing during the vibrant season

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Aww, no multi-choice?