Ammon Bundy's hospital temper tantrum lands him a $52.5 million fine

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Not that he’s any more likely to pay up than his family was for grazing fees on federal lands years ago. He’s yet another one who believes the rules don’t apply to white male landowners. Still, I’m glad this judgment will be hanging over him.


I hope the child is ok. Doesn’t sound like a good situation at home.


Idahoan here. Let me lay this out for y’all…

The description of the event in question is spot on: a clearly malnourished infant was brought in and the hospital - as required by law - reported the issue & CPS got involved. Bundy and his toads didn’t like that, so they staged an armed rally at the ER, causing the hospital to shut down for the afternoon & divert patients.

Since then, Bundy & crew have refused to participate in their own legal consequences… much like the recent Alex Jones trials, they’ve refused to even show up to court & this is a summary judgement & damages. Bundy has, however, been ham-fistedly trying to divest himself of all his assets since the trial started - which is patently fraudulent, and the moment he tries to declare bankruptcy & claim he can’t pay the damages, he’ll be in big-time federal fraud trouble.

Of course, the Elmore County sheriff has already refused to serve Bundy legal warrants to appear at his own trial because they’re afraid of causing a scene with the man-child, but the fraud he’s on the verge of committing is felony-grade & will be in the hands of, IIRC, the FBI.

We’re all waiting to watch this shithead self-destruct from his own stupidity.


Wouldn’t that be nice.

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I had completely forgotten about this bell-end, then I was in Idaho a few weeks ago and saw Ammon Bundy campaign posters. I am sorry good Idahoans have to deal with him at all.


He likes his federal lands so much, we should give him a nice studio apartment in one where he can live the rest of his life, rent free, with a set of guards to protect him…



I just don’t get the “We’d rather roll the dice for the slimmest hope of survival with us than let you save him.” just to own the libs.
Voltaire was right about the atrocities and the absurdities that fuel them.



we down here in Nevada, where we’ve been dealing with this entire asshole family for ages, are crossing our fingers and hoping that they all start to get their comeuppance.


Which means he’s back in federal court. Last time that happened to him, didn’t he get acquitted? I’m with the idea that @KiltedDad proposed, getting him that studio apartment. I’d even throw in three (almost) squares!


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


I mean why not? they skated after the first seige, so whever they get in trouble again they’ll just seige again, and let the racist cops white glove them and the FBI wring their Ruby Ridge hands. Set no boundaries with your toddler, they will lay down on the floor at the grocery store and scream.


Three squares? Hell, I’ll dig up Johnny Cash and let him play a show!


It is insane that this guy has gotten away without any real consequences for the grazing, the wildlife refuge, the multiple incidents of waving guns around in courthouses and state houses and the like. He fancies himself a character in a western but doesn’t realize he’s the guy the hero guns down in the final act.


It’s hard not to imagine that one time, drunk on their self importance and privileged treatment, they won’t push too far and get themselves killed. They have done so much that would have been called “suicide by cop” if they weren’t a bunch of white supremacists scrounging off the public in a rural area already. One time unless they change their gun waving will be fatal for them.

I mean it has for some (or one anyway) of their acolytes already.


Well, that was federal court on the terrorism charges from Malheur. This would be a federal fraud charge from bankruptcy court - and frankly, that’s a lot harder to talk your way out of. He’s been actively handing off his assets since the trial began, and that’s pretty obvious in terms of trying to hide things from bankruptcy. Those courts have seen that a million times & if Bundy pretends he doesn’t have assets to seize for this judgement, going to federal prison (not state, where his buddies have sway) is a pretty done deal.