The most mindblowing photograph to emerge from the Nevada BLM/white militia standoff


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Rule #1 of gun safety:
Do not aim your gun at something unless you want it shot.

What is wrong with people?


How is it any different than the SWAT/BLM/?? Snipers set up on a nearby hill?

Here’s a better image of the other guy. Looks like he and another took time to pose for some pictures.


Dumb to create confusion but he could have been using his scope to see what was going on.


This is militia culture in the United States.

That’s a pretty broad brush you’re painting with…


camping is for noobs


The trouble is that this is armed resistance to the rule of law. It is absolutely batshit to do this over cattle. I realize there are “larger issues” being “defended” here, but still these schmucks are threatening to kill federal employees over moo-cows. It’s dumb.


He doesn’t have a scope.


It is frustrating that white neo-nazis and racists are the only ones willing to stand up anymore, and only for their own supremest genocidal aims to cleanse the US of non-whites. 100 years ago radicals and anarchists would sabotage corrupt business in response to Pinkerton security mercs(same Pinkerton rent-a-cops as now) terror. The difference is that the anarchists and unionists fought the heavy handed government and business to make a better place for everyone, even if it meant armed insurgency. These so called militia people are gathering to ultimately play act out the Turner Diaries. Jeffersonian reading of the US second amendment was for the reformers of liberty not for the ethnic cleansers/genocidalists.
Civil war is terrible but I sometimes despair that the US can be saved in any other way, even considering the terrible cost. The last time that the US fought a war of racial hatred, the Civil War, they threw away a generation, something like 2% of the USA/CSA directly killed by the war.
If this were occupy that guy would be a police agent provocateur.
(edit) Why do white-supremists care about grazing rights, I suppose it is a ‘patriot’ side issue?
(edit)added strikes after getting a better background.


…speech and organization…that tend(s) toward insurrection against the established order

…incitement of discontent…

good lord…does Cory know of this thing…how you say…SEDITION???



Ahhh… I’m sorry, is this a picture of a civilian setting up a potential sniper shot at federal and state law enforcement officers? What the fucking fuck? I don’t care what your take on the original rancher’s argument is - this guy needs to be in jail for general public safety, and if anyone with a badge had actually seen him here, he’d be dead, and deservedly so. Wow, these people are stupid.


What better way to feel omnipotent than to hide behind a jersey barrier with a high powered rifle and choose not to murder public safety personnel?

That’s livin’!


It doesn’t have a scope, either

Whoa whoa whoa, who the fuck said anything about racists and neo-nazis? I think you are taking a lot of different people with different views and painting them as one perverse caricature. Put down the label gun, son.


Mr44, seems you are right. Still spooked by the KC Jewish center/retirement home murder spree.
I have not been online much this last week, getting up to date on this story I don’t see the racism angle as the header would suggest.


Why is this the “most mindblowing photograph”? I mean, it’s interesting and dramatic, even scary, but “mindblowing”? Nah…


The only way I can see this is a police agent provocateur with a rifle out of the evidence locker, otherwise snipers with scopes would have him in the morgue.

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Then he should take the scope off the gun and use it like a telescope. This is day one gun/hunting safety stuff here. Heck, this is day one Dad/Mom gun safety stuff.


Twenty-one years ago, rancher Cliven Bundy stopped paying his grazing fees.

Seems to me that anybody who thinks they should be able to graze their privately-owned cattle on publicly-owned land without paying for it must be some kinda no good dirty SOCIALIST.