Oregon's domestic terrorists just got 55 gal of lube to go with all those dildos

While I’m all for teasing these nutbars with useless gifts, I have to wonder – why all the (generally speaking) gay-themed stuff? Ha ha ho ho – gay stuff is sooo dirty & funny! It’s the most offensive stuff you could send!

Seems like there are plenty of things to send them that would equally (or more greatly) annoy them: moldy bread, thawed previously frozen food, a barrel of Skittles, books for some learnin’, copies of the Constitution…


It’s natural, water-based and biodegradable.


They’re broke, living off government assistance and their wives’ jobs.


Their most recent wish-list includes pads and tampons (along with four different kinds of tobacco products), so maybe there are one or two lucky ladies who will get to share in all that raw masculine virility.

Or at least try to find some private time with one of the dildos while the guys chew tobacco and struggle to find reception on that Wal-Mart radio.


I don’t interpret it as necessarily gay-themed. I see this method of mocking having roots in Texas students open-carrying dildos to protest open carry laws (as covered on boing boing) and photoshopping dongs in where politicians were holding guns (as covered on boing boing).

I translate the message as equal parts “you are a dick” and “go fuck yourself,” but there’s also a tinge of “make love not war.” Your mileage may vary.


Good points. Thanks.


It’s the most offensive stuff you could send!

I do see your point, but I think it’s about what these jokers would find most offensive/repulsive/shocking, rather than intended to suggest the senders feel that way.


Yeah. . . I dunno. . . I can see them finding a tactical use for this, like pouring it around outside when they think the authorities are about to break down the doors. Funny, but actual porn would have been better, since it will sap their vital bodily fluids during those long boring hours of waiting .

Even better: food they find disgusting but will be forced to eat if/when the place is put under an actual siege, like dried crickets and meal worms, or Goya cuitlacoche (a.k.a. “corn smut”, corn kernels infected with a black fungus.)


You can do a lot of sabotage with 55 gallons of lube.

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I’m looking forward to seeing Kevin deploy this in Home Alone 6.


I’ll just leave this link here in case someone finds it useful. However, I am by no means implying any possible course of action.


Thank you for understanding.


I had the same question. The secret is, there is no siege. What kind of “siege” allows mail and provisions to be shuttled in?


Brains? <clicks on the image> Brats. sigh.

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I sent a bag of dicks, others are sending vegan jerky, and I just ordered a set of paper cups with dictures on them, so they can enjoy their coffee. Feel free to creatively express your opinion by shipping biodegradable packing peanuts, glitter, superfine sand in a trick box, marijuana, ecstasy, skittles, maggot cheese, whatever you like.

I like the idea of a 2016 and 2017 calendar with a sharpie.


Why are Eggs “(Needed badly)” ?


A siege of white people by white people?

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The trouble with glitter and superfine sand and all the other rubbish is… there is no rubbish service.

Perhaps the 55-gallon-drum-o-lube is biodegradeable (and if you would accept 55 gallons of lube dumped into your water cooler, that’s cool), but the other stuff is just going to end up outside as refuse in the refuge they refuse to refund.


Hey, there’s nothing saying that Vanilla ISIS would be offended by all the sex toys and supplies. Likely, yes, but not guaranteed.

No, if you really want to get their stolen-ranged goat, answer their wish list item and get them some government cheese!

I like to believe it’s a Gauntlet reference

white warrior needs food, badly!


The wish list they posted tells me exactly what kind of hardcore bad-ass revolutionaries they are. Apparently they just won’t survive the Oregon winter without French vanilla coffee creamer and smokes!