I just wanted to maintain my bicycle


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“Want a smooth ride?” does apply either way.


In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.


I used to use White Lightning, but that stuff is pretty messy. My bike mechanic recommended Tri-Flow TF21010 Superior Lubricant.


Those recommendations are generally based on your previous orders. Yay for big data!

After reading your post, I have this in my head:


Well, has anyone tried anal lube on their bike chain? I started putting Crisco on my scabs after reading an interview with a plastic surgeon; these off-label uses have to start somewhere.


My local hardware offered a motorcycle chain lube. Close enough?


But does it come in drums?


The price is too high. You’d need a gofundme or whatever the kids call it to get that delivered to a honeymoon cottage.


I’m sure Chuck Tingle can easily come up with a good scenario of being pounded in the butt by one’s own bike and needing the appropriate lube. In fact imma tweet at him.


or just a wealthy benefactor :slight_smile:


Isn’t getting pounded in the butt by one’s own bike a recurring sight-gag on the Benny Hill Show?


I’m sure but that’s no excuse for the sheer lack of a good bike Tingler


I’m actually surprised that WD-40 hasn’t gotten in on the action so to speak.


Amazon’s search engine is really bad. Bad Amazon! Naughty!


I think I was looking for car parts that time it suggested nipple clamps (new ones!) and a country album.


I’ve never seen so many ‘naughty stores’ as I saw in Nashville.


The course of true love never did run smooth … until now. Introducing Lube Life.


It could be auto-matic…
It could be hydro-matic…
Why, it could be greased lightning!