Even by the standards of tax-havens, Gibraltar is pretty sketchy


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Well, that may be true, but I don’t think it would been as interesting if Lisbeth Salander had to take off to the Isle of Man to recuperate and plot her revenge.


Wow. I always thought that place was as solid as the–

Never mind.


Hence Theresa May’s willingness to fight over it, given her vision of the new post-Brexit Great Britain? /snark


Are there any sunny, almost-part-of-the-UK locations that aren’t ultra-dodgy tax havens?




Sounds like a pretty cool place, actually. I wonder how’s the cost of living?


Look, Gibraltar is both Spain and the U.K. token “problem we should talk instead the obvious problems of our own governments”. Every single summer, when news are slow and people actually start to think seriously about how fucked are our democracies some official on Madrid, London, or Gibraltar starts a verbal conflict with the opposing party. Spain ask for the UK to give them back the rock, the UK ask Spain for more water rights, the Gibraltar ask why nobody takes them seriously*.

So, anytime Gibraltar comes to the politics playing mat you know your government is going to screw you in some way for sure.

*It´s because of the funny accent.


The Schlock of Gibraltar.


uggh…english colonialism


Everything you need to know about Gibraltar you can learn from The Captain’s Paradise, a fine Alec Guinness comedy. Co-starring Lily Munster.


Something which Spain was completely innocent of, right? :confused:


So am I to understand that Prudential Financial Services has been running some big tax scam for the last 150 years?


I love the 1984 one. “Yeah, give us some of what AT&T got.”


Spain does have the enclave cities Melilla and Ceuta in Morocco. Of course, that situation is completely different because of reasons.



That’s the Pedo Island?


Actually, it’s more a peninsula.

Oliver Bullough’s forthcoming book, Moneyland, will tell the history of the global super-rich

As long as it’s not a “Desperate Housewives of the Global Super-rich”, that might be an interesting read.

Also, in the context of tax havens, do note that reporting on the “Panama Papers” received a Pulitzer this week. If anything, the super-rich aren’t as good at hiding their ill-gotten gains as they used to be.


I’m just waiting for the French press to have a go at riling up the right wing newspapers in the UK by talking about taking back the Channel Islands.