Every 3 years you get to beg the government for the right to treat your property as if you owned it

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Ha! My tractor’s not a noisy, polluting John Deere! It’s a dead awesome General Electric I-5 industrial electric tractor from 1973. Much more elegant and advanced than anything Deere is currently producing.

Since the bottom’s fallen out of the Elec-trak market with the recent decrease in gasoline prices, you can get one cheap. There’s at least two professionally rebuilt ones on the market right now, and if you prefer to roll your own there’s three or four rebuildable ones on eBay.

OK, that was massively off-topic. I’ll blame Cory, for bringing John Deere’s lame-ass tractors into the thread, and now I’ll go petition congress for access to the software in my cars, computers, HVAC system, O DAMMIT the petition period expired yesterday.


I for one don’t and won’t beg for “permission” to tinker with my stuff.
I just do so.
My toolkit and my knowledge are all I need for permission.


We certainly don’t own our property anymore! But it’s not a question of loans on our university degrees, cars or houses. Technology is something we pay for but now, as we use what we think is ours, many business trawl through our data at our expense. This business model is perverse; at the very least, consumers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for their own data mining! Fat chance, but the data mining is just another way to separate a man from his money. And we sponsor it!

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To help you control what data you release to the world, I recommend using the Firefox web browser, Self Destructing Cookies, AdBlock, and (if you code, or are a masochist) NoScript. If you don’t code you will find NoScript painful, I’m afraid…

I don’t recommend any Microsoft product other than the Windows OS itself, and I don’t recommend the Chrome browser. And since it’s best to minimize the number of add-ons you use in your browser, I only recommend the three I mentioned.

BTW I don’t work for Mozilla or have any affiliation with any of the above mentioned products, but if you use them and like them you should paypal the developers $5 or so each, so they will be able to continue to create products that help protect users.

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Also Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, when you are a coder. Then you can do a lot of automation for your daily tasks, and add functionality to pages (or remove annoyances) as you please.

I hadn’t heard of Tampermonkey before, thanks! Apparently there’s a similar Creammonkey for Safari, too. But I usually stick to firefox, and seldom use Chrome or Safari for anything but testing.

I also almost never automate tasks in the browser (I open a socket to a script instead ;)) but Greasemonkey definitely rules for pre-processing web pages! Apparently there are even some GM scripts for filtering bOINGbOING comments.

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