Every Covid death in Maryland last month was unvaccinated

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I swear to god, if these unvaccinated assholes allow a new variant that the vaccine doesn’t prevent I am going to be so pissed.

Not that I am wishing death on anyone, but also not getting upset over it either.




More disturbing, I’m sure some of the nurses and doctors treating them will report many of them denying that Covid was real right to their last tortured breathes.


And some coming to grips with their hubris. :confused:


Don’t need unvaccinated assholes for that to happen. The incompetent/venal/corrupt UK govt has decided to let the Delta variant rip through the population (because of a few whiny hystericals on the right).

Even those who are vaccinated can get it, they just won’t end up in hospital (or dead) nearly as often. But Delta is so transmissible it has beaten all other variants off (95% plus cases in UK are now Delta, I believe) and with it being so transmissible it will surely mutate again when given all those schoolkids, younger people with only one jab, immunosuppressed/otherwise vulnerable people to play with, as well as the vaccinated who might get it and pass it on.


I hope that history can record this as a time when stupid people inadvertently ended up in charge and nearly destroyed the country, and the world.


I am not looking forward to a memorial service for my Dad (Covid) and Aunt (stroke) that is coming up shortly. My cousin’s family of ratlickers, who infected my Dad (and subsequently all of us) are holding the indoor event. There will definitely be a combination and vaxxed and unvaxxed there, and I can’t get anyone to be sensible. Not even Mom, who’s 86 and nearly died in December.
If it was somebody else’s gang, I might laugh and post the “Darwin Approves” pic, but…

Just keep in mind, your bubble is only as strong as its weakest link. (Pardon my horrendously mixed metaphor.)


I very much hope that all of them were unvaccinated by choice. If so, then… the more the merrier, I guess?


Most likely that was the case, Maryland is 7th in the country for most people fully vaccinated (at about 57%). And as a resident I’ll say that scheduling an appointment is incredibly simple, almost impossible to avoid unintentionally barring a lack of resources (needing a ride/internet access/etc.). Our mass vaccination sites have even started closing down per lack of attendance, rather than a lack of doses.



I read elsewhere that what is happening is exactly that.

  • Patients come in, already short of breath because they have been ignoring their symptoms for too long.
  • They get worse, and start physically attacking nurses and doctors because “they are part of the conspiracy”.
  • Then they die, absolutely convinced that it was the hospital personnel who offed them, because there is no virus, none at all.
  • Then the family comes along, and they attack nurses and doctors, because “they are part of the conspiracy”. It’s getting to the point that some hospital need security on hand to kick them out.

And this astonishes me form every possible direction, 'cause any animal has enough sense to run from death. Some people have been willfully confused to such a point that they fail to heed their most basic instincts.


Not Maryland, but an article showing how social media is hampering efforts to stem the tide of infections in rural areas like the Appalachians.


Fortunately it probably won’t be from the US that a new variant forms, we’re far ahead of the rest of the world in vaccination. Looking at the whole world, only 24.7% of the world has gotten a single dose of the vaccine. In lower income countries, it’s under 1%. The world is not going to be vaccinated for another two to three years at the pace we’re going, and it’s far more likely statistically that a variant capable of escape forms outside the US than inside the US.


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