Every Detail visits the New York Public Library

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If you look really close you can see Jake Gyllenhaal freezing to death in the corner

I wonder if the current POTUS has ever been to the library or if has used it as the collection of information it represents. To have found himself there for some reason to expound on his own greatness I can imagine. To gather knowledge seems so unlikely. What an amazing building. The whole concept of elevating the acquisition knowledge into a sacred space says something hopeful about our societies. Hopefully those who choose to obstruct such efforts keep their distance forever.


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Did they ever get rid of that ghost lady in the basement?


Great post, great find. I enjoyed the tour very much.

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I wish the Harold Washington Library was this cool on the inside. The exterior is pretty interesting to look at, but the interior is boring and mostly unadorned.

Start under 649.65 – Sex, but ask your librarian for other classifications that they might fall under.

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