One architect's vision of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library

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All I can think of is how they would preserve all those torn up documents Trump liked to leave on the ground for staffers to then collect and glue together. God, I wish that were a joke…


Like he’s ever read a book.


Or ever written one.

More like Ghost Writer’s Library (of infinite regret)


I mean, Obama going private with his collection does reduce the political cover for complaints against whatever awful direction Trump goes with his legacy, but let’s not pretend that precedent has EVER mattered to Trump. Sure “who built the cages?” has been an irritating false equivalence, but it wasn’t a necessary precondition to Trump being a Nazi.


There’s no barbed wire on the walls. There’s no more appropriate place for the Trump Presidential*** Library than a prison.


Serious question, will they rebuild the “library” every time it is burned down?


The Donald Trump Presidential Library and Gentlemen’s Club is unlikely to have a problem with cash flow. Though I think we all know at least one person who will never be invited to perform there.

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I visited the Reagan Library (my late father attended an event there, and was staying with me at the time). Of course, I didn’t see everything, but what I did see was more like a wax museum. Quite weird. I imagine they do actually have content of some kind (books, maybe?), but it was not visible from where I was looking.

I would like to see DJT dioramas of pivotal moments. Also, Sarah Cooper on a loop at kiosks.


This place is not a place of honor… no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here… nothing valued is here.


Too high a carbon footprint!

The Incel Modern Presidential Experience allows a variety of VR and experienced public events. In these high-power projection ranges you anticipate firing personal firearms, showing radicalized thrall to RNC memes and departments, even revving a truck over insurrections against a fascist state, culminating in a personal achievement jacket.
The jacket will resonate with bookbinding practices. The jacket (made of possibly life-extending fibers and fine agebitashi weave) will bring you closer to battle weight in accordance with your range action. (Formerly) radicalized RNC-speaky models will give testament to how much use you’ll have for it. There’s a waiver.

Grandma! You won the ‘Librarian’! Breathe.


ugh. Maybe you can get Palantir to workshop not extralegally fencing people in at an exhibit before it rolls into New Industrial Complex territory in the reform industry. Try our success funnel! Hoo!

Maybe people are willing to be bad at throwing a 244-lb. suited gibbon dummy into a soiled isolation room as the open-air exercise sort of thing you do at the Library? Like, counterbalanced and motored to sort of stand or stoop, but not impossible to try leg locks of any kind on. Docents would help if you got snagged in a vine or shrub with all that horror shaded on, or say real Trump on you or if you’re Paulo Giuliani (i.e. not Rudy on Release and PCP) wandering aimlessly.


Important point of order: these people don’t get themselves out of trouble. That’s part of the mythology that attributes privilege to some kind of personal skill or virtue, of which Turmp has none.

People like Turmp avoid trouble because everyone else lets them off the hook. They do whatever they want, like beasts of the forest – which is not an impressive achievement – and the rest of us generate this narrative on their behalf of how they can get away with it because they’re “powerful”. We care more about sustaining the mystique of status (and tying it to our own skin color / class / macho posturing / etc.) than whether individuals deserve it.

It’s self-reinforcing, because the more impunity we’ve already ignored, the more we must pretend we never noticed it. It feeds into this cycle when we talk about privileged assholes as though their privilege is something they achieved.


Given who we’re discussing, I was expecting the link to go to something like this:


In a late episode of the Zach Galifianakis comedy Baskets (a very odd & highly recommended vision of the American West) the characters visit the Reagan library. It looks like mostly a tourist trap.


Was this scene cut from Idiocracy?

Well, there’s having success putting data through on the industry side (maybe a 30d trial, then some kind o’ scale, then you agree they’re Gandalf the Grey or something I haven’t quite read it 400%) and then there it is on the government side, so you get better at having not told yourself too much about each side of the (power, protection, health, geojunking, waste…) sides. (NYT Interactive from Oct. 21)

eta: Oh. You mean the Trump Family Singers, who with their wily sucker making songs trapped the Heritage Foundation on their wide front patio until they rotted themselves into a giant, beautiful fungal bird you can still kind of make out. In the concrete.


Should be a wall, no door with sounds of cackling laughter from the other side.