Parody 'Trump Presidential Library' is dead on

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Always figured the “Trump Presidential Library” would consist of a few old Playboys, some takeout menus, and a stack of unread security briefings. Oh, and a copy of “Mein Kampf.”


It’s the small touches…


MAGA’s can read now?


Who said anything about reading? It’s more of a talisman or virtue signal to put on a shelf for visitors to see.


I was very disappointed when I visited. There were only two books. And one of them wasn’t even colored in yet.



I’m still horrified that Bush the Lesser has a presidential library. Not sure I’m ready to joke about this yet.


Yeah, but Bush actually read books. Both him and Reagan downplayed their privileged upbringing and education to appear more folksy and down to earth. Dude has a degree in history from Yale. Even as an “average” student I am confident if he played Trivial Pursuit against Trump to the death, he would win.


Actually there’s plenty to read there!
In the Criminal Records Room.


We have more books for current and future reading in our bathrooms.


What is it with Yale turning out right-wing authoritarians?

Yale graduates in the Trump White House

And Hawley, Barrett, Kavanaugh, etc. in the other branches of the US government.

I think it has more to do with Ivy Leagues being home to the privileged and elite that go on to politics, some of them right wing authoritarians.


I’m seriously curious about how the presidential library will go. It’s supposed to be a repository of documents from that administration, but since Trump’s been famous for destroying and otherwise preventing the preservation of documents, jokes about a lack of reading material are actually true.

There’s also the element of using the library for lionizing and aggrandizing the reputation of that president, but who’s going to be interested in that in a few years? Who’s going to want to put up money for this, when they won’t be able to get anything from Trump in return?


I think it will be less a repository for artifacts and a resources for research, and more a surface level wank fest that puts him on the pedestal like a golden idol. I would not at all be surprised if it is like a small theme park or something.

It probably;y will have the best equipped gift shop around.

I still remember going to the Eisenhower library/home on a field trip when I was little. I have lived in/near Truman’s library for… shit, 20+ years now, but still have not gone to visit. I will put it on the after times list.


Yeah, I kind of suspect that the scholarly aspect will be hugely diminished (at best), and what we’ll end up with is a kind of propaganda museum with videos of all his rallies…

Someone replied to my comment a few days ago on the Washinton Post leaving me a link to this site. Very detailed. Lots of thought and work went into it.

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The selection of books leaves a lot to be desired.

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