Trump's bookcase, Old State Department Library


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(on so many levels)


Midas Touch? Trump has a magic wand up his ass - everything he touches turns to shit.


Where’s his copy of Mein Kampf?


Why would he have a copy, he doesn’t read. But Bannon’s copy is quite dog-eared. and has been highlighted.


Where’s his copy of USA for idiots?


Fascism for Dummies (Audio tapes plus pop-up picture book version)


I can’t even make a joke here. Nothing Trump touches is ever elevated by his efforts – it’s all degraded and made crass, commercialized and self-interested. What an impoverished existence, striving to be the avatar of material wealth and completely oblivious to his spiritual and moral poverty. I’d pity him if he wasn’t wrecking everything.


Perhaps Bannon reads it to Trump, with Trump dozing off into short-attention-span slumber to utterances of perceived Bolshevik and Jew inferiorities and threats.



I know that this is Boing Boing; I know that this forum is practically made of the snark and scathing wit of various intellectuals.

I know this.

And I know that while Cory is often hyperbolic and provocative in his posts, he is not a troll… but nevertheless I am compelled to post this meme expressing my simultaneous total lack of surprise and dread"

Please let that be a joke, and not the FAUXTUS’ actual bookcase in the White House right now.


Where’s his scrolling twitter feed? It has all the best words.


I’ll be over in the corner in the fetal position while I attempt to sort though and classify my emotions. I believe I’m discovering entirely new states of emotions that I would never have thought could co-exist.


It’s not in the White House. The Eisenhower building is next door. And the ‘Old Library’ is an ornate room with four levels of stacks. This photo is just one display case at the front. You can see by the stickers that these are all shelved and cataloged library books. Probably some librarian just grabbed whatever they had by Trump on the shelves and put it in the display.


I ventured into the lobby of Trump Tower (Manhattan) a couple of years back before our collective nightmare began and had that same feeling. Came away with that I-need-a-shower feeling. Tacky and gross…


I lived in Vegas for a number of years and never met or talked to anyone that went into the Trump building out there. It’s widely regarded by locals as a joke, i’ve never gone in myself but from afar it’s an eyesore.


It’s widely reported that he hasn’t even read the books that he has “written.” Kind of like a teetotaler putting out a brand of vodka.



I’m surprised that nobody has pointed out a particular implication of this: Trump only reads books he’s "written."

I guess on some level this makes sense, since he didn’t actually write them.