Trump's bookcase, Old State Department Library

If you look at the twitter conversation, @amyclizabeth posts this pic of the same shelf a few weeks ago:


You should see his movie collection. It’s just a VHS copy of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and a Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate 2000 Bernaola Twins DVD covered in flecks of dried semen. (He can only climax to images of himself.)


Definitely interesting. I wonder what the real backstory for this bookshelf space is and why it’s devolved into such usage.


He is the only author who has written more books than he’s read…


Dictator chic.

Money can’t buy you taste i guess.

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Architects and designers agree.

“Trumpitecture clings to easy symbols. Big means strong. Bigger means stronger. There is a tale of Trump shortening an adjacent building in a scale model of Manhattan so his building would stand taller in his view which, despite being patently false, was clearly better. The Las Vegas Trump Tower is literally gold in colour. A gold tower in Las Vegas. Ponder the subtleties.”


Just wait, soon all libraries in the US will look like that. Full of the greatest books with the best and yugest words!

audio book, cassette format, cliffnote edition.

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The fuck, they will.

Intended humor aside, I’m tired of folks sarcastically making definitive statements which could all too easily become a reality.


All 5…

Trying to be positive. I see huuge employment opportunities here. For ghostwriters. Shelves and shelves of employment opportunities. Cinema, too. Robert Altman is no longer with us. Sad!

And every day Bannon presents Trump with 5, previously, unthinkable options based on his readings…


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