Stephen Bannon fooled Trump into signing executive order that gave him national security role


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“Any negative polls are fake news.” Boy howdy do we have a petulant child in office.


Seems legit, where do I sign?


That tweet by Trump about calling his own shots is an important indication. If people keep saying that Bannon is the real power in the White House, Trump will become so incensed that he will reflexively minimize and then eliminate him.

I think this would work even if Trump knew it was the strategy. What we have learned so far is that Trump can’t help himself.


Someone on his team needs to explain to him how polls work.



Wait a minute… he wants to be “more involved” and “looped in” in something that is more or less 100% his job???


Pictured: Donald Trump and Steve Bannon signing executive orders.


“Someone tell me what all these squiggly shapes on this piece of paper mean!”


I don’t think I have ever wanted to see a group of people fail more than this administration.


Based solely upon the way he speaks, that theory seems highly plausible.


Quite the pair these two.


Samantha Bee makes a compelling case for the theory that Trump is functionally illiterate.






I hear that Bannon out-polls Tinyfingers, gets better ratings, knows the very best Nazis, has the reddest nose and the biggliest hands.


According to the Times, Trump demanded that his chief of staff Reince Priebus to come up with a fundamental approach to executive orders.

Priebus [to Trump]: "Have you considered writing them or, failing that, reading them?


Some staffer needs to enable Parental Controls on Trump’s phone for the good of the nation.


That’s funny, we were just discussing Trump’s illiteracy in another thread.

So repeat myself succinctly, we can’t really know, but I think he might just not read because he finds it too boring. I think he has a huge amount of trouble bringing himself to do important things he doesn’t feel like doing.


I would suggest that the reason it’s buried so deep in the article is that it’s unverified gossip from an anonymous source. It’s plausible, and so is everything else in the article, but just because it’s plausible doesn’t mean we should automatically believe it.

(Though I certainly hope it’s true. A rift between Trump and Bannon would be very good news.)

Regardless of the details, what the article really tells us is that the administration is filled with warring factions and leaks.