Oops! NBC says Tillerson didn't actually call Trump a moron. He really said "f-ing moron."


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News flash!
Rex Tillerson said a truer thing!


Tillerson is still horrible as Secretary of State, but at least he seems to be on the right page in his characterization of Trump.


Actually, what he said was: My vision of Trump is of a king… more on this later.

My cousin’s friend’s sister was there. But of course fake news took it out of context.


I don’t see how Tillerson stays in this job much longer. Incoming sec of state will be the cash me outside girl.


But, doesn’t he have a deal to make with Russia or something?
Something to benefit both he and 45, I should think.


Trump just delivered his trademark Kiss of Death.


Well… and Exxon, can’t forget them.


I never linked to one of his tweets before (shudder) but this is very relevant:


I was thinking the exact same thing.


One of the most plausible theories I’ve heard about the “Trump Tweet for every situation” phenomenon is that he is a time traveler who came back to warn us about himself.


What you did there, see it I do :wink:


… and me.


Of course he’s mad at blundering Trump. Tillerson’s like a parasite that’s trying to quietly drain a body while avoiding giving obvious symptoms so that it can continue to feed, then this trump infection gives you explosive diarrhea, hideous boils and vertigo and sends you headlong to the ER to get a full panel…


You just can’t make this stuff up.


Nope; he’s just that big of a hypocrite that he always contradicts himself eventually and he’s so much of an attention whore that there’s always proof of those contradictions.


Fucking morons, how do they work?


They don’t fucking work half the time…the other half they really fuck things up… What the fuck can ya do with’ em? goddam fuckwits.


It’s not really an error, is it? I believe “fucking moron” is a fully enclosed subset of “moron”.