Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Trump a "moron", wanted to quit


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That Tillerson guy is pretty oily


Perhaps it would be a good idea to “leak” other stories about his cabinet picks insulting him.


Now we know Tillerson knows the true Trump we can gauge his integrity - how long will he remain an accomplice.


A few weeks ago I met someone at a party who, after learning about what I do, became very interested in hiring me. I demured a bit, because my dance card is already pretty full and because there was something slightly “off” about the guy, but agreed to his request to think about it. When I next spoke to the host of the party, I asked him about this fellow and whether I should take him on as a client. The answer involved a chuckle and the evocation of the proverbial “10-foot pole.” I never called him and don’t find myself complaining about him.

Which is a prelude to saying that Tillerson, who chose to work for someone whose stupidity has been apparent to everyone thanks to 30+ years of media exposure, has no right to complain that he’s stuck with a moron as his boss.

Tillerson might rightfully complain if the president* doesn’t improve relations with Russia to the point where it was easier for Exxon and other U.S. extraction companies he holds stock in to do business with Putin, but he can’t expect much sympathy if he does.


If 45 heard about this, of course, Tillerson would be out. It speaks volumes that none of the high-level officials present saw fit to tell him.

So now we know what Pence does all day.


I wonder if the conversation was something like, “Please, please, Rex. The president is going to get us into a nuclear war with North Korea. We have no idea what kind of sycophantic moron he’d put in your place. Save us Rex, you are our only hope!”


They are the original odd couple!


Probably more like: “We’ll make sure that you triple your oil stock portfolio.”


True - but who’s the moron who took a job under Trump and then stayed when he saw he wasn’t going to be able to fill positions, make policy & had to let the son in law run the show?


If 45 is really this bad…if all of his staff see it…if everyone knows this is a shite storm…

Then why are they all complicit in it? They all already are loaded and wealthy…just TURN on the bastard already!!!


It’s never enough.


I doubt that would have come from Pence, who is himself a sycophantic moron. More likely a speech like that would have come from someone like John Kelly, who it does seem sees himself as trying to stave off total chaos.


And once you have no need to worry about money, then the only challenge left is power and fame. I wager they’re in it for their egos.


“The petty humiliations they inflict on each other will, one day, be quite funny.” - If the moron doesn’t kill us all in a nuclear war with N. Korea maybe…


And do what? Stab him on the steps of the Senate in March?

Though I would say it is refreshing that it looks like most of the other politicians aren’t drinking the kool-aid. Few if any of them seem to be True Believers. There of course is some party solidarity, but it seems rather tenuous.

Sigh. Not gonna happen.


There’s a lot of vice that needs presidentin’ in the swamp.


I go with greasy.


That picture though. That’s a chin-off right there. :sweat_smile:


frackin’ sulfurous