Trump is not only a moron – Rex Tillerson also says he is 'undisciplined,' 'doesn't like to read' and tries to break the law


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…and other expressions of surprise to follow.




Holy crap!

Is water still wet, too?


Tillerson can give as many of the interviews as he wants, but he’ll still be remembered by history for three inter-related things: industrial-grade climate change denialism, Putin awarding him Russia’s Order of Friendship, and volunteering to be a high official in the regime of a known grifter who promotes bigotry and hates liberal democracy.


In others news, fire is hot.


Trump himself has made comments to that effect. He’s openly proud of his tendency to make decisions based on zero data or expertise or even forethought.


If only we’d known this before the election! I feel so deceived.


Game idea: Who said it? Donny Trump or Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.


Of course Rex. You know what else is true? That you debased yourself by working for him. If an Exon CEO can further debase themselves.



Yeah, you’re pretty bang on with that one.
I mean, he’s right, but…


[Tillerson] was quick to say that that wasn’t meant as a shot at Trump but our political system more broadly.




Weird, you mean the boss that hired you, with a thirty-plus year well known public record of undisciplined fact-ignoring pigheaded douchery, ended up being an undisciplined boss that ignores facts? That is a shock.


Yeah, he is not trying to make Trump look bad, there’s no need really, as much as he is trying to make himself look as good as possible which isn’t much at all.
As a general matter in publicizing stuff like this the, at best, right-centrists dems count on the right to discredit itself. Promoting an appealing program, let alone cleaning up their own act, must seem like an insurmountable challenge to them dems. This attitude is reflected in the pseudo leftist media as well which is too bad.


wait, there’s 2 of them!??!



More importantly Rex…are you willing to testify to all of this?


Fuck any Conservative that tries to score points for saying things that everyone already knows. Like they deserve any credit for not being awful. “Hey that was less racist than your usual diatribe. Great job!” Its like praising a dog when they don’t shit in your house. It’s really the least they can do.


The worse of it is that I think that I’ve done that, maybe even more than once; at least it was just with a real dog, I mean.


Yeah, this puzzles me. Presumably Tillerson has some amount of skill at evaluating outcomes. What the hell did he think would happen when he hitched his wagon to this shitshow?

Trump burns everyone in his life.