Trump is not only a moron – Rex Tillerson also says he is 'undisciplined,' 'doesn't like to read' and tries to break the law


It makes me wonder what his own Russian “friends” had on him.


“Before he was sworn in as secretary of state on Feb. 1, 2017, Rex Tillerson cashed out of all of the individual shares of stock he owned, including his restricted stock in Exxon Mobil XOM, +0.22% , where he retired as chairman at the end of 2016.”

“Tillerson asked ahead of time for the special waiver that allows presidential appointees required to sell assets that might create a conflict of interest when performing their official duties to defer the tax liabilities until the substitute, nonconflicted assets purchased with the proceeds are sold.”

“An approved waiver, called a certificate of divestiture, for Tillerson is on file at the Government Ethics office and cites share sales for stakes in more than 150 companies including 597,545 shares of Exxon Mobil that Tillerson owned outright.” -MarketWatch



That quote is really the whole explanation for why some people vote for Turmp. He encourages them to think that their “gut feelings”, i.e. their prejudices, are better than other people’s thoughts, no matter how much education or experience informs those thoughts.

As long as you’re not concerned about honesty or doing the right thing, that’s a very uplifting message. I mean, Obama might say you can achieve anything if you work hard in school, but Turmp sez you don’t even need the school part!


Is there a link to the full interview?




I’m curious in what respects his behavior doesn’t look like impulsiveness.


Yes, I suppose it must feel kind of empowering to get that sense of confidence that used to come with years of accomplishment and scholarship without actually having to do any of the work normally associated with it.


haha, he’s so poorly informed he doesn’t know how many characters are in a tweet.

(Why, if they tried to restrict people to 128 characters, there would be riots! People would insist on those extra twelve. Or something.)


That’s interesting. Tillerson’s calculation may have been: Trump will destroy the country and the economy, so now is my big chance to get liquid tax-free. Then I just have to twiddle the State Dept.'s thumbs until Trump fires me in disgrace.

So maybe Tillerson is better at evaluating outcomes than most any other human. Also, he has a ranch near my hometown where he can ride out the coming chaos in comfort and style.


In all honesty, this gets to the core of what many of his follower believe — that the sort of facts that are taught in expensive institutions that big-city liberals hold as truths are suspicious and that they should follow their gut. Being told by the leader of the country that doing what feels right on impulse is better than “book learnin’” is most definitely empowering. I’m glad that most people know this as “pig ignorance”.


He also said that Trump “acts on his instincts,” which “in some respects looks like impulsiveness.”

Oh? And in what respects do they differ?


Until someone cuts off his power and attacks the property for it’s resources, that is.


Or it could be the typical kleptocrat motive.

“I will stay in this position and personally profit from my position for as long as I can”
(See also Ben Carson, Steve Mnuchin, Scott Pruit, and Ajit Pay)


I think you mean “Wayne Tracker”.


Yeah - like he didn’t know this BEFORE he took the job? Honestly, that’s almost like admitting he’s as dumb as Trumpty-Dumpty.


His gut tells him more than other people’s brains cos he cant read and won’t listen to what comes from other people’s brains. So bound to be the case, eh? Might has well say his teeth tell him more or his elbow. Fuckwit.




Not all of us are blessed with a gut as wise and insightful as Kuato.


It was either that, or he saw a path to enrich himself personally.


Well yes, but dog owners have to train dogs not to shit in the house and that’s generally done with lots of positive reinforcement. Maybe if we reward conservative jackasses with a liver treat every time they tell a small truth they’ll learn not to shit on their constituents and stop trying to hump the legs of taxpayers everywhere.