Rex Tillerson denies NBC report that he wanted to quit; doesn't deny calling Trump a moron


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Actually, the fact that he had to go on TV and essentially say “NU UH!” sort of says it all no?

methinks thou doth protest too much.


He could have just Skyped trump instead of wasting our time watching his oil slicked tongue of lies dribble bullshit.


I find it hilarious that he went to the trouble of calling a whole entire press conference to debunk that claim, (so as to save his job probably) but didn’t bother to deny calling 45 a moron.

Clearly, both things happened.


His boss (Putin) must have made him say this.


News flash!!!
Rex Tillerson said a true thing once!


I never called him a moron - I called him a jackass.


Who among us hasn’t called him a moron?


Rex Tillerson denies NBC report that he wanted to quit; doesn’t deny calling Trump a moron

Rex said " fucking moron", I know, I was there.

Oops! NBC says Tillerson didn't actually call Trump a moron. He really said "f-ing moron."

Remember how he got the job in the first place? Somebody with lots of TV experience felt that he “looks like a Secretary of State.”


I don’t believe the walking Dunning-Kruger poster child is intelligent enough to qualify for ‘moron’.


Tillerson is a tool


It’s all about perspective. When you in a room with Bill Gates, you’re poor. When you’re serving in the Trump administration, you’re sane, serious, smart, and sexy by comparison. Reason enough for some to serve.


Carson Daly?

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