Tillerson may quit soon, frustrated with Trump


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Goodbye, Rex. Hello, Secretary Giuliani!


I hope that some newspaper person takes this opportunity to ask Renda St. Clair what she thinks.




The disfunction here is amazing; whatever you want to say about a guy like Rex Tillerson, as CEO of ExxonMobil, he has to understand the value of having good lieutenants to get stuff done. He’s apparently had to clear all of his people through Kushner, et al., to make sure they are loyal to Trump first and foremost. No wonder he’s heading for the door. You can’t do a job – any job – like that.


When Tillerson was picked for the job, I thought it was another clueless choice by Trump. Turns out, he’s one of the few Trump picks that operates with a set of principles and thoughtfulness. My politics are way different than his, and maybe it’s due to the contrast between him and the rest of the Trumpers, but he at least seems reasonable. Maybe that contrast is what’s driving him out.


And then we are left with Mattis as the only Cabinet member who isn’t an unqualified wackadoodle or scumbucket. Luckily Trump is so ignorant as to how the military works, he gave Mattis a fairly free hand.


I’m sure it has nothing to do with Exxon currently suing the Treasury Department over being fined for violating Russian sanctions under Mr Tillerson. Awkwaaaard!


I like how he applied business skills to government - we need more of that.


Is there a list of people that have quit or been fired from this administration?

We might need a scoreboard website that keeps track of the quit/fire count.


Indeed. His core guiding principle seems to be dismantling the State Department, and kneecapping US diplomacy for the next generation.

But is a website even capable of counting that quickly, and updating that often, without breaking the internet?


With everyone having to speak under condition of anonymity these days, I found this article really useful for separating the noise from the signal.

I think this is sadly noise. As much as I’d like to believe Trump is driving out his allies, nothing in this story leads me to trust that CNN’s sources actually know Tillerson is planning or thinking about quitting. Also, I’m infuriated that “*exit” is flirting with becoming the new “*gate”. Fuck off with that right now media pundits.


Only losers quit. Sad.


Only compared to other Trump appointees, though. Which is like saying that Charles Manson would be great for a given position because the guy in the cell across from him is worse…


Isn’t his department still short of senior staff? Like, ambassadors to key allies, and basically most counterparts of foreign affairs departments in key ally countries?

If so, how does that sum up to thoughtfulness?


I noticed that Sean Spicer quit after exactly six months.

To the day.

He was probably counting the minutes.


I do believe that’s on 45; many offices in this admin are unfilled just because he has not bothered to hire anyone.



Including the hiring of the people who hire those people.


So long, loser! If he had told me he was a quitter I wouldn’t have picked him. I don’t need quitters in my cabinet! Sad!