State Department's entire senior level of management officials quits


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Well, hopefully this crew will stick together and run the AltStateDepartment twitter and comment on the follies their replacements get into.

And maybe volunteer their services after this shit show is over.


I don’t like this, but I really don’t know which is worse: having them all quit and get replaced by sycophant bozos, or having them all get fired and replaced by sycophant bozos.


I think the exodus is better: it sends the right message.

That is to say: “We won’t be judged for what’s coming.”


I wake up these days and say to myself, “Well, at least I’m comfortably past draft age.”

God help us all.


All falling down.
Just under a week in and the Drumpf regine is showing signs of total collapse. Reports of internal fighting between members of the goverment, Drumpfs bizarre interview on ABC that wipes away evey doubt that he has lost every contact to reality and now this. I said this circus of a goverment will be down by summer, but maybe I´ve been giving them too much credit.


This is the most we can hope for.


I’m not sure if I said this elsewhere, but the trouble is that the rest of the government is stuffed with people who are only too happy to have an insane puppet in office.

I suspect drumpf could be foaming at the mouth and stabbing press people, and even then a “no confidence” vote would be a tough sell.


Well, I guess we can wave goodbye to the era of international peace and stability we enjoyed with these men and women at the helm.


This thread is a fine place for linking the announcement: The Doomsday Clock just moved.

Scientists say Trump advances the Doomsday Clock. SCIENTISTS!

Here’s that reduction of the size of government everyone said they wanted.

This actually could be the best thing that ever happened to US foreign policy, although it’s quite unlikely. Somewhat more likely to be the worst, really… although that’s also pretty unlikely, with things like New Echota and the Berlin Conference in our past…


From the President’s perspective, this is an insult. But from the perspective of our allies, it’s a disaster. I have to respect their freedom, but they’re not doing their country any favors.


The problem is that this goverment will. Not. Work.
Its been one week. One week in which nothing happend on an international level as well as on national level in the US and still they are cannibalizing themselves. But what will happen when shit is going down, when there is, lets say, an earthquake in California with a 7 on the richterscale destroying San Francisco and at the same time Northkorea attacks Seoul with a missile strike while Russia marches into Finland? Just one crisis like that and I explect members of that goverment to curl up in a fetal position while others start free style wrestling. Just wait, the first bit of difficulty and they will completely come undone.


That’s what I was wondering. Was this a case of you-can’t-fire-me-because-I-quit!


It’s a dramatic protest, but yeah, ultimately this is going to permanently damage the State Dept as experienced bureaucrats and foreign service officers with area expertise and institutional knowledge are replaced by cronies whose first priorities are protecting the President’s delicate fee-fees and making the world safe for American corporations. I suppose they knew they were in a no-win situation and decided to take agency in making a dignified exit.


Yes, like we are getting the fuck out of the blast zone!


Will be replaced by YesBots. Which will be disastrous for us in world affairs.


And then you have people like my family who sees the interview as proof he is decisive stro on top of things and is doing all the right things.

I want to hold out hope but at this point it’s hard to not devolve into shrieking anger.


If you read the whole article, there’s this caveat:


Surprisingly, those State Department officials don’t seem familiar with Will Rogers’ definition of diplomacy: “the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.”