Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton are Trump's leading picks for Secretary of State


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as an atheist may I just say Jesus fucking wept.


His cabinet is starting to look like a bucket of despicables. Or something like that.


Stellar candidates.

Gee, what could possibly go globally amiss under the watch of such level-headed statesmen who are so well-respected around this troubled world?

Looks like the GOP candy store is wide open for the loyalists. Credentials and…uh…temperament are such pointless considerations when the Party has the run of things.

Well and truly screwed! That’s us.


Republicans will break a glass ceiling here. The next Sec of State will be either a polygamous veteran of NYC’s Plato’s Retreat or a Drag Queen- firsts either way.


A spittoon? It’s a bucket


we all know who’s next - Bork for the Supremes


He’s dead Jim.


Since he died in 2012, At least it would be a quick appointment?


shhhh - this could work out perfectly


and he’d have even less to say than Clarence


The only positive I could see coming out of Giuliani as Secretary of State is that at least he isn’t Attorney General.


Works for me




Meet the new right, same as the old right.


How about atheist polygamous bisexual furry?


well there goes any good cred we had with the world…

I wouldn’t blame the rest of humanity for building a wall around us while Drumpf is in power.


A bucket of fucking despicables.

pardon the language.


I guess when you drain the swamp all that is left is the slime … apparently that’s what they are drawing from.


another way to drain the swamp is to completely fill it up with swamp creatures from all the other swamps, displacing the water