Trump to Romney: grovel before me for Secretary of State job

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Shocking. Oh wait Trump said it? Nevermind.



Lucy and the football, Mitt.

Screams set up.


Eh, another article with an unnamed source


Aye, isn’t “Let’s make a headline about the latest thing Trump might or might not have said” how we got into this mess in the first place?

Also, Romney clearly just has to cross his fingers behind his back while he apologizes.


Mitt. Miiiiiitt. Your eyelids are growing heavy. You feel relaxed. You are sleepy. Sleepy. Good. Now Mitt, listen carefully. All the leaders in all the countries you visit will respect you. You are important. Respected. You haven’t done anything embarrassing just now that we have photos of. Now when I snap my fingers, you will wake up refreshed and eager to start your new job as chief diplomat. Your country needs you. Snap!


It’s completely in character for a thin-skinned narcissistic man-child to be just that vindictive. Since Romney has already shown up to parley with him when he didn’t have to, chances are good that Shinebox Mitt will also show the American public how he polishes the classiest, really the most beautiful boots with his tongue.


So, if both Trump and Romney pretend they never said what they said, we avoid having Guilliani as SOS? Everyone shut up. Just shut up! And this goes for much of the news coming out of the transition team-- When they do something different, something even a smidge better, than the terrible things they promised to do, the last thing you should be doing is teasing them for it. Don’t remind them of the horrible things they said they were going to do. Press them for better, but don’t try to shame them into keeping their terrible promises.


Even dressed in a black bin-liner, Stamp is more presidential than Trump.


The only apology I’d like to hear from Mitt, or any other establishment GOP figure, would run along the lines of:

“I deeply regret not fighting this man’s candidacy even harder. He is morally, temperamentally, and ethically unsuited to public office. His character, business interests, and incoherent policies will divide the nation, endanger its people, and destroy its standing as leader of the free world. It would be better for the Republican Party to spend twenty years wandering in the wilderness than to see this man elected president.”

Hey . . . anyone want to turn that into a fake news story? I’m so cynical at this point that I’d be up for that. No charge!


Well, to be fair, an anonymous aide allegedly told someone at Fox that anonymous people in Trump’s inner circle might want him to apologize. There’s a whole lot of weasel words in that sentence, yes.


If this wasn’t for the leadership of a nuclear power, I’d say these people deserve each other.


Perhaps Romney should be Trump-like and offer a non-apology apology: “I’m very sorry if President-Elect Trump was offended by any of my comments during the election. It was just locker-room talk. Boys being boys.”

Also, am I really rooting for a Romney appointment as Secretary of State? I don’t recognize myself.


It is so demoralizing that you are right. Just about everybody Trump’s considered for his cabinet are second-stringers at best. It reminds me of Bush’s first scotus nomination - who was so unqualified that Dick Cheney made his one and only appearance on Limbaugh’s radio show trying to sell it. I was actually listening when he did it.

Except this time nobody is embarrassed. He’s staffing for incompetence and nobody is saying WTF?!? They are all trying to find something positive.


Most of 'em are billionaires, it seems. You don’t have to be qualified, just rich.


Are you kidding? There are many people embarrassed and asking “WTF?” over Trump’s selections. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone’s cabinet choices being more controversial. YMMV


A few weeks ago a GOP legal type, not a politician per se but a staffer, wrote an article – intended for others like him – relating his experience dealing with the Trump crew, and told his readers in no uncertain terms to avoid serving in the administration.

So, the folks that Trump is lining up are inexperienced outsiders or those who have been on the fringe.

See the article on kakistocracy Boing Boing ran last week.

If this results in such incompetence that Trump is swiftly impeached, I could live with a few months of dysfunction. Especially if Pence cleans house, starting with Bannon.

Sheesh. Meanwhile, support the recount initiative.


This is great. Now we get to see the stuff Romney is made of.

I bet he makes the public apology, because back when he ran for president he smelled like weasel.


I’d really like it if Romney took a principled stand here, but considering that he also sought an endorsement from Trump and appeared in person with him to receive it in 2012 (while Trump was otherwise busy being a racist birther), I don’t think he’s anything but an opportunistic power-hungry coward. Just like everyone else in the GOP, he’ll eat his shit sandwich and smile.