Mitt Romney: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud


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Mittens is the best the KKKGOP can do? Pathetic beyond words…


That’s actually quite strong language for a Mormon.


Trump’s in the power elite too, though. This points at a schism amongst the grotesquely rich beyond that polite little tiffs between the Koch/Walton and Buffett/Soros factions. There is something deeply weird about this Romney thing.

The GOP is imploding before our witnessing eyes. The frothy anger of the base, for generations whipped up by the power elite to get “Their Man” in power is no longer willing to let them get away with taking the votes and ignoring their anger. They’ve spurned the wizened advice of their media masters and are going with a fucking deranged fascist. The train’s not on the rails anymore, it is plowing through buildings and destroying the city the GOP has been building since Nixon’s Southern Strategy.


That was 4 years ago.

Has Frothy endorsed anyone yet this time?

EDIT: yeah, he did. I forgot he endorsed Rubio, even though he couldn’t name anything he’d achieved.


Mitt Romney: “Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the American people.”


The problem is, Rubio and Cruz (and Clinton, to a large degree) are also phonies and frauds.

The speed that Sanders fell off of everybody’s radar is astonishing. And poor Kasich - nobody ever took him seriously.


It sure looks like Democrats will be the vote-splitting party this year.


Shh. If we don’t talk about him everyone will think he’s done.
-National Media


I’m reminded of the old QANTAS advertisements, with the koala who said “I hate QANTAS.”


I was hoping Romney was going to say something like Donald Trump is just so disgustingly poor he can’t be allowed to be a Republican frontrunner.


It seems like every time that the GOP addresses the problem of Drumpf, they never consider for a moment what his retort will be.


the fact that the media thinks ANYONE cares what romney thinks about anything shows just how desperate they are to keep the trump insanity machine rolling along, and the fact that the GOP went to romney in the first place shows just how desperate they are, period.


So are you saying Boing Boing shouldn’t have covered this story?


not sure i put Bb in the same category as news media, but i guess in general, yeah, i guess i’d rather see more actual “wonderful things” posted here again, truth be told.


I just read this.

He pretty much is done. I didn’t realize that Clinton’s lead was as big as it is.


The schadenfreude here is overwhelming. Is this what it was like watching Stalin & Hitler go at it before Pearl Harbor?


… and Trump is nobody’s stooge? I find that hard to believe.


I wonder if “learned helplessness” applies here… so, like, if voters have been “trained” to accept only obvious stooges as “viable” candidates.