Mitt Romney: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud

My thoughts too. It’s like they said, “These guys are just attack dogs are attached to choke chains under the control of the power elite, but this other guy is one of the guys who holds the choke chains”

SO MUCH BETTER, obviously. I detest Rubio and Cruz and think they’d be a disaster as president. However, they would still be better than Donald Trump, because they aren’t wildly erratic egomaniacs. The thing about being part of the system is that you’re too invested to overturn the apple cart in a temper tantrum.


So you’re a voter, right? What has your training led you to?

“Training” is maybe not the right word, it’s rather not like somebody is deliberately setting an agenda for this, but from experience who wins many voters might decide not to “throw their vote away” and only consider mainstream candidates.

Doesn’t apply to me, though, no party or politician I have voted for ever got elected.



What’s remarkable though is why Romney (and the other mainstream GOP) hate Trump so much.

They don’t hate him because he’s a blithe, flakey, authoritarian, nativist, ascientific, blowhard, egomaniacal liar.

They hate him because he’s too mainstream. Look at his Planned Parenthood comments: he consistently praises PP! He actually correctly points out that abortion is a miniscule part of what PP accomplishes. (This, while someone like Senator Jon Kyl will say PP “spends 90% of its time on abortion,” is called on it, and then unironically says it was “not intended to be a factual statement.”) He actually calls out Geo W Bush on 9-11 (that is, just how did Bush “keep us safe”?) and its aftermath (invading Iraq was a blunder not a triumph). No one-- not even Democrats-- do this: they let Bush get away with saying “he kept us safe”; they let Bush get away with claiming the Iraq War was just.

The GOP hate him because he’s so “reckless” a Republican, he occasionally tells the truth! Matt Taibbi: “Washington is freaking out about Trump in a way they never did about Bush. Because Bush was their moron, while Trump is his own moron.” And, in his personal moronity, he occasionally rejects ideology and gets it right.

Please don’t construe this as approval of Trump in any way. Obviously, any Democrat is a saner choice than Trump. But Trump is a saner choice than any Republican.

EDIT: Sorry for the excessive italicization. My doctor keeps telling me I have to cut down. It’s hard to talk about Republicans without using italics.


Is this actually true, though? I’m rather partial to the Devils we know…


Cruz is hands-down worse than Trump. Rubio is a toss-up, because he might well be worse, but, as you said he’s at least predictably bad.


Cruz wants to abolish the EPA and the IRS. Cruz wants to impose a regressive Value-Added Tax. Abolishing the Iran Deal and Obamacare are a given. Neglecting climate change for 4 (or 8) years is a given. For Starters.

In the terror and fascination over a disastrous possible Trump administration, the media and populace have generally overlooked just how terrifying and fascinating a disastrous Cruz administration would be. I’m greatly confused as to how such an extreme far-right theocratic demagogue as Cruz (who’s positively despised by his colleagues) has gotten as far as he has…


So, you’ll be voting for Hillary then? :grinning:


Apparently at a speech tonight Drumpf made the same pledge. He also assured everyone that his hands are normal sized and he has a large penis. I wish I was making this up.



not my work.


We’ve already had two Hillary administrations after all.

You know what the strongest language is from vulture capitalists, you know this is the dick that would buy companies, lay-off support and services staff, cut wages, push reductions in product quality and then with profits temporary puffed up, sell the company to suckers with hugely inflated profits knowing full well those changes made will lead to the companies long term collapse just to pump up short term profits to inflate the sales price, so yeah, lies.
This douche bag did this again and again and again, destroying thousands of families working lives, and shovelling those profits off shore to hide taxes.
The very worst sort of scum, for who religion is nothing but part of the scam.


Pretty sure Trump is a nastier piece of work.


Takes one to know one!

Unfortunate example given who was the aggressor at Pearl Harbor. Hint: neither Hitler nor Stalin.


Romney has always acted within the law, but he has destroyed many people’s lives to make his fortune (Compare with Ford, who was not a nice man but whose workforce did very well). Trump hasn’t done nearly as much harm yet.


Trump is the candidate the GOP deserves. A man who has forgone dogwhistle bigotry for endorsements by David Duke.
He has learned the “lessons” of the Romney campaign.

  1. Small lies get you in trouble (like fake fundraisers), but big lies get you adored (like we can really build a wall from Mexico or keep Muslims out of the country? /s)

  2. At least pretend like you give a crap about the working class. Trump is as much of a job destroyer as Romney was, but Trump is intentionally trying to appeal to the troglodytes Romney took for granted would vote for him.

  3. When push comes to shove, conservative religious appeals are bullshit. Its really only about the bigotry for that crowd.

  4. If your wife is a walking PR embarrassment, keep her off camera. OMG! Ann Romney was practically a walking Obama endorsement.


Other than that woman in Atlantic City whose home he tried to destroy by abusing eminent domain, to make way for a bigger parking lot to one of his casinos.