Everybody Knows You’re a Dog


Leaves me oddly melancholy.


Melancholy is the right word. I’ve been feeling that way since the snowden revelations, I was paranoid, just not enough. I got lazy. I’m sure they know who I am. I took pride in being under the radar. I guess I’ll have to start from scratch, probably should have been doing that on a regular basis anyway.

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What annoys me the most is not that the government knows all about me - that’s kind of a given, they want to prevent tax evasion, and the DOD tracks me because I used to work on stuff for them - what really annoys me is that they aren’t able to protect the information from anyone else. I mean, they basically give the info to Mossad and British Intelligence, and to various favored amoral corporate entities, and ten thousand contractors, with little or no oversight, and they get hacked by 14-year-olds… they are not just nosy douchebags, they are also incompetent nosy douchebags.


The awful compression of the Joy of Tech comic upsets my eyes and upsets the quality of the work.


Grrrr… Woof woof WOOOF WOOF!
Oh, wait, master has bacon…


There’s a very odd WordPress bug that the boffins at Boing Boing are trying to make go away that has some images do weird things, but only in some cases!

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