Everything Change: free anthology of prizewinning climate fiction

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Bet it’s a pain to get up there.

I’ve got three-line climate fiction right here:

It’s gotten hotter.

We’ve moved inland.

They’re eating us now too.

P.S. I need to be a paid writer now; please someone pay me to write, please squared? Thank you in advance.

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Pretty sure Arizona State University is where all the self-care for writers comes from now. Sure it’s mostly screen protectors and things Arizona confiscated and can’t figure out what to do with…just as Dropbox says there was a problem downloading ‘your file?’ Why yes acrobat readers using React.js are how I wanted to spend…see you there.
edit: Well, it’s just Chromium pretending pdf is flash because reasons, let that go (tell flashblock to give you a hit) and you’re dealing in pdf tolerably again. I think.


ASU? Seriously?

Grow up.

Real writers are from Minnesota.

P.S. I didn’t mean that to be mean, I’m metaphorin’…

Razerbacks! Subgenera;
uncloven of hoof!
Agility, lifestyle kilns, and wit!
Writers’ self-care providers,
goofy iterative woof!
Go walk back CSPO you gits!


Hmmm. Complex with multiplicative genres, almost too much, but what do I know?

Sub-sub-text, no?

Acronyms are a killa.

Thanks for the link! Kim Stanley Robinson, who wrote introduction and one story, is one of my favorite hard SF authors who has written a series of books concerning climate change. It will be nice to actually read the stories to find out their points of view.

This would be a much more appealing book if KSR and Bacigalupi weren’t involved in it.

Incidentally, for a good but old climate change novel: George Turner, The Sea and Summer (AKA Drowning Towers).

after being abandoned in the Cambrian explosion of linguistic diversity, the tower had been overgrown by creeper vines and then resettled by hippies and design geeks

shipping container parkour

Fun so far, only read the first story

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Why? Can you elaborate?

For a rather pointed critique of Bacigalupi, see the comment thread at http://james-nicoll.livejournal.com/2284505.html (complete with Paolo popping in to argue in his defence).

For KSR, see http://jamesdavisnicoll.com/review/there-was-one-yurt-community

KSR’s books are entertaining enough if you ignore the broken science and his habit of interrupting the narrative with lengthy political rants.

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I won’t argue tastes, but I like reading reviews like that, and of course now you can read a 900 page Franzen novel without being triggered, which is like having a faultless headdress


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