Climate change science fiction contest: win $1000 and publication

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I could use a thousand bucks and it sounds like fun.

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“* Your story should, in some way, envision the future of Earth and humanity as impacted by climate change.”

Come to Southern California, the “future” is right now.

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Wait, climate change is already science fiction! HA HA HA HA HA HA… daddy?


Hey cool! Minecraft!

Ehh, seems to me like all the clever and most of the not-so-clever stories about climate change have been hashed to death repeatedly by now.

But wait – that’s it! Imagine a world that has been impacted by climate change to a degree that humanity has collectively lost the ability to come up with any more clever stories about climate change. What would that world be like, and what sort of problems would that world face?

(Beings scribbling furiously)


Climate change science fiction?
Is it acceptable to plagiarize Fox and Friends?


For sale, snow shoes, never worn.

(With apologies to Hemingway)


Bending the “six word story” idea slightly:

For sale: snow shoes. What’s “snow”?


Just going to leave this here, a little comic on “art contests” This particular contest does allow the entrants to keep their copyright, but force an unlimited, free license to the university to do whatever they want.

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