Everything is a Remix: the remastered fifth anniversary edition


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I bookmarked this to rewatch later and accidentally watched 10 mins. Soooo Gooood.




This was excellent in series form, and well worth a rewatch.

Some of his lesser known early stuff is great as well.


Nice remix. I just can’t believe out of all that talk about remixing throughout history, not one mention of Shakespeare.


I notice that BB has decided to remix itself again.
@codinghorror what’s happened to the page1 blog layout?
This is truly awful. Please bring it back, I implore you. A lot of us like a purely linear layout, that way I know what I’ve read and what I haven’t, and in what order articles appear.


see: New Layout?


I have no control over BB layout? Why would you think I do?


Aha, thank you.


My apologies. I really thought you did.
Perhaps you should.


This is good. I love this kind of stuff. Reminds me of being back in Buffalo and listening to The Ongoing History of New Music on CFNY…


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