Eviction lawyer has worst "I found my calling story" ever, in NYTimes

As a boy, Bradley Scott Silverbush had a knack for breaking up schoolyard fights in his hometown, Syracuse. His strategy was simple: Collect $1 from the child who was about to be pummeled and split his winnings with the bully to end the dispute.

From these grade-school negotiations Mr. Silverbush acquired some valuable information. “I knew from second grade that I wanted to be a lawyer,” he said.

This guy is proud that he enabled a bully to shakedown a victim for a cut of the loot. Who knew there was a lawyer honest about what he does? My wife said he probably encouraged the bullies to get more dealflow.




I’m confident fate will find its way to someone who dies 140 mph outside the track. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take someone with him.

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I wonder who he voted for?

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Oh, he probably didn’t. I mean, support both sides equally, you know, landlords and rent laws!

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If I were that bully, I’d beat both of them down for insulting me, and then take the rest of their money.

Maybe I should become a police officer…


That typo is just too good.

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