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Better Call Saul was not an instruction manual.

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Oh, but it was.


This is a BB repost, but why would we care? It’s awesome.

We need this attitude.

You call it crazy? You say it condones criminal activity? Take a look at a police training video or whatever it is they’re modeling their behavior on.

We need more of this and fewer APC’s with a dozen armed and licensed felonious aggros on my residential street.


Reasonable doubt at a reasonable price!


Why’s an American lawyer have Russian T90 tanks on his video? Filthy commie.

I was wondering if he was going to acknowledge the dreidels sitting on his desk. And oh he did.


Every toddler I’ve ever known has been completely captivated by the Berger & Green commercials.

Coming around the corner into the living room and seeing a 2 year-old enraptured by explosions and car crashes is a bizarre experience. It’s like they’re communicating with an alien race or something.

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We recommend Sanchez Bros Attorney-at-Law.


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