Cops arrest public defender who was representing her client, face no discipline


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Mother fucking, monkey shit throwing failure of a FUCKING BROKEN piece of shit justice system!!! Where is my anger managment baseball bat??? I need to break some shit RIGHT now!!


That will teach them!

…to do it again and again :angry:


Just imagine how it will be under President For Life Drumpf, when this type of behaviour will have nudge and a wink the support of POTUS.


I am now wondering why they don’t simply arrest every public defender every day? Bad guys don’t really deserve a lawyer anyway, unless they can afford one, and if they can afford a lawyer they aren’t bad guys.You can tell the bad guys, they’re the ones being arrested.



I trust the criminals more than the cops these days.


There was a time when I would have read a headline like this and thought, well, the cops must have had a good reason for what they did.

That time is long past.


I seriously don’t understand how someone can say “I’ll arrest you for resisting arrest” and not suddenly recognize themselves as a fascist cartoon.


Sounds like there needs to be some riots in SF until the police chief who supported these officers is removed. Protests against the mayor too, for not firing him. Make sure that the mayor and every city council member who doesn’t take a public stand asking for him to be removed have that fact rubbed in their face constantly through the next election.


“conduct reflecting discredit on the department.”

Just boys being boys! A little funny ha ha in a day of boredom…

[note sarcasm]


Just think of how many criminals we could put behind bars if it weren’t for the law. . .

probably not as many as the innocent citizens we could put behind bars.


The cops are just being authoritarian thugs. The problem here is the DAs office is not bringing charges which is why the cops keep acting like authoritarian thugs.
The current DA is GascĂłn who was chief of the San Francisco Police Department from August 2009 to January 2011. See the connection and the problem? The only one who can bring charges against the police was once a police chief.

Cops aren’t elected in to office. District Attorneys usually are when they aren’t appointed by Mayor come Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

Get up off your hands SF. Your DA is corrupt and you are blaming the police for the environment he has fostered.


Starting to look like you guys actually deserve drumpf. For fucks sake.


Like other humans, police officers benefit from feedback on their actions.

When those actions are wrong (or illegal) is important that the feedback be memorable and even consequential.

Western society (North American at least) is really failing on this front, giving officers zero meaningful feedback when they break the law, and even less when they breach police protocol.


Yet another reason why it’d be excellent to get some help with the co-opernation nonevil master plan since this is very much one of the things it’s designed to solve (without having to fight with or argue with anybody)


Good to see cops sticking up for the Right to Photograph.


There’s a difference?


Bad guys don’t really deserve a lawyer anyway, unless they can afford one, and if they can afford a lawyer they must be really bad guys.


As for the cops facing no discipline, that might be true, but you can bet the PD is going to pay; one simply does not wrongfully arrest an attorney and get away with it. I suspect there is a substantial civil suit that will be filed.


Sorry, I kinda had to borrow it. I think it’s broken because I’m still pissed off in ways there is possible way to emote or express correctly.


NOOO! DON’T trust the politicians.