Ex-mayor of Bismark, ND trademarks alternatives to "Fighting Sioux" in bid to prevent UND team from switching to non-racist name

The decision of a few tribal leaders and greased palms doesn’t make it not racist as hell / dehumanizing?

Dave Zirin is the sports editor of The Nation.

Sounds like an important job, almost as important as the Saturday Evening Post’s Sunday Editor

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Mayhaps! But I don’t see how that’s relevant to the content.

Yeah, it makes it only slightly racist. Getting apoplectic over the Florida State Seminoles while the Redskins still play, while Chief Wahoo still exists, while hundreds of thousands of Indians languish in poverty on barren reservations, is a waste of apoplexy, of which I’ve only got so much to go around.

I wasn’t aware that there could only be one thing that the world may focus on at once, or that one racist action is negated by a greater racist action by another!

It’s almost as if native peoples would rather not have reservations decar around them WHILE being disrespected daily, or that the daily disrespect of native Americans as a non-human novelty mascot might feed back into the inability to treat them as first class citizens.


It’s almost as if I didn’t have unlimited time and attention and would prefer to pick my battles instead of castigating those who have taken baby steps in the right direction.

So you’re just spending your time defending racist decisions ameliorated by paying off tribal leadership instead of focusing on what is right.

Keep on chastising people who would expect better for all I guess. If you have the energy to knee-jerk defend objectively racist mascots you have the energy to decry them as well. You’ve decided which is more deserving of your time and energy, and enjoy the fruits of that.

Have you ever been led down the garden path to make a decision you later regretted?

Good thing those poor heathens have noble white knights on high horses looking out for them then. Keep up the good work!

Ooh. Next you can rail against all those “PC people” and how they need to lighten up, Francis!

Usually when I see people championing racist mascots on message boards and respond, knowing that they’ll likely double down, and yet I still respond.

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