Exaggeration postcards: sight-gags-by-mail


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The giant ears of corn remind me of McBroom’s Ear, one in a series of tall tales about a wondrous farm on a single acre. The soil of McBroom’s farm was so rich one of his children dropped a nickel and it grew into quarter.

The giant ear of corn attracted a swarm of locusts so thick “you could swing a bucket once and fill it twice”.


“Texas Jackalope card” thats a big jack rabbit - Jackalope’s are mythical creatures that look like rabbits with antlers.


I was in Austin early this Spring, and bought a postcard with a giant armadillo. I’d post a picture, but I mailed it to a friend – because it was funny and weird.

And jackalopes are usually rabbit sized.


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I remember the Japanese being into miniaturisation. Are there any examples of, umm, corresponding postcardy inaggeration?

Clearly this is a propaganda placement by Big Bunny interests and other Jackalope deniers. Follow the money.


The corn brings this to mind.

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