Dog submerged in long grass occasionally surfaces joyfully


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That’s some funny-looking corn. #notallfields


That’s gonna be an awesome maze when she’s done.


If that’s corn, I’ll eat that dog.


Looks like Barley to me.


Perhaps known as barley corn and hence corn in certain backwater parts of the planet where they use odd words (like maize) for the stuff that should be as high as an elephant’s eye.


Rob, please get thyself to a farm post haste.


Cyriak remix in 3,2,1…


She’s jumping up to say “Hey, hey! This is some really funny corn! So light and fluffy!”


Corn just means “wheat, hay, whatever” where I’m from. I’m amaized you colonials don’t know.

(the headline’s updated)


That misconception is the cause of few, but those tragically preventable, mythological equestrian fatalities.

Every so often some hero will tame Areion and be all ‘cool, a horse that can run lightly atop standing corn’. Then SMACK, like hitting a brick wall. The translation calls it ‘corn’; but the lineage of Poseidon has no effect on new world food crops. Gets them every time.


Like many, I came to gripe “that ain’t corn”. This both defused my gripe and may have taught me something, too. It’s nice to know that this might truly be “corn”.

Like most things, this knowledge is a double-edged sword. I may now worry when ordering food in restaurants in foreign (but English-speaking) places:

“I ordered corn!”

“Sir, that is corn.”



All I can think is “TICKS”

Also if I wasn’t in a hurry I’d post a GIF of that scene from Jurassic park 3 of the raptors hunting in that field


I believe that’s Jurassic Park 2 (watched it last week).

Yes, I’m a pedant. :grinning:


Corn is the grain you grow:


Or a very baffling crop circle.


Once I was fearless.
Now I dream of velociraptors.


FWIW, my rather pedantic friend from across the pond, once a POM and now a 'Merican, took the time to explain to me that hay was most definitely not straw and vice versa. Vernacular is a wonderfully diverse thing.




Several friends of mine have had Springer Spaniels (which is what that dog looks like.) Very bouncy, not very bright. Looks like this is something they’re actually good at!