My dog has never had a Snausage


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I think every Gen-xer has referred to sausages as “snausages” at least once. I know people who still do. Does that make this one of the most successful ad campaigns of all time? Or one of the least, since none of us ever bought the product either?


I gave Piper snausages once (neighbor had gotten her a bag for Christmas)…she had the WORST doggo farts ever. We threw the rest of the bag out.


IIRC, the proper response to “snausages” was, “in a blanket”.


To be fair in my case I have never had a doggo to take care of.


Yep. I still call them that, but only the vegetarian ones. Even my kids call the veggie ones snausages and they have no idea where it came from.


Special dog treats, just in case you have a dog that won’t inhale every damn thing that’s not a cigarette butt.


Assuming this is an American thing? For i literally haven’t heard or seen the word ‘snausages’ before seeing this post :stuck_out_tongue:


True dat, jlw!


It does seem distinctly American; I can’t see such a product flying anywhere else.


A housemate’s girlfriend had a large dog, and she left a bowl of pup-peroni dog snacks on the fake mantelpiece.

I came home one day and discovered another friend cheerfully eating them. I was like, “hey, isn’t that-” and the other housemate glared and said “shut up, man”.


I remember the first time we saw this commercial air, my grandmother and I could not stop cracking up for quite a while.


American pet food commercials that we fondly remember: Chuck Wagon and Snausages.
Honorable mention: Gravy Train and Beggin’ Strips.


I swear my lab has tried. One of her nicknames is “trashmouth” for a reason.


Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon.


I ate Pupperoni snacks as a child-- they weren’t half bad.


My sister and I used to joke about this ad for Purina Hi-Pro dog food. We called it “the radioactive dog commercial.”


My Alaskan Malamute had the Hi-Pro Glow!

My parents still have a set of dishes we got out of bags of Purina Hi-Pro. Yellow tupperware-y things that were really really great. I still drink from the mugs when I visit them.


I had to train my lab not to eat cigarette butts. He was not a smart boy.


How. . .how do you train for this? I mean, make the cigarette butts somehow more distasteful?